Romney Said What?

Closing Thought–02Jan19

The truth is that the numerous times that Mitt Romney ran for the nomination of the GOP for a chance to run for the presidency I was never a supporter….I found his stands and policies way to Right leaning for me……that was the past and today is the present.

The incoming Senator from Utah has issued an op-ed being critical of Trump…..

Mitt Romney will be sworn in as a US senator on Thursday—and he makes it clear in a Washington Post op-ed that he has no intention of becoming an unquestioning ally of President Trump. Romney writes that Trump was not his choice to become the GOP nominee for president and while he hoped Trump would rise to the occasion, “his conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office.” Romney says that while he agrees with some Trump policies, Trump has failed to unite or inspire the nation as a president should. “With the nation so divided, resentful, and angry, presidential leadership in qualities of character is indispensable,” he writes. “And it is in this province where the incumbent’s shortfall has been most glaring.” Trump’s words and actions, he writes, have caused worldwide dismay.

The Utah Republican promises to work with other senators on priorities including balancing the budget and repairing relationships with allies. “I will act as I would with any president, in or out of my party: I will support policies that I believe are in the best interest of the country and my state, and oppose those that are not,” he writes. “I do not intend to comment on every tweet or fault. But I will speak out against significant statements or actions that are divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest, or destructive to democratic institutions.” In a tweet, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said Romney “lacked the ability to save this nation.” “Jealously (sic) is a drink best served warm and Romney just proved it,” he wrote.

Of course that person in the White House had to fire back like some pouting twat… usual Trump’s response was a juvenile rant that was not based in reality (reality?  A spot our president has yet to find)

I am pleased to see that Romney is showing some spine and courage…..but I have seen several GOPers try to take on Trump only to fold like a cheap tent a gravel at Trump’s feet.

The only critics Trump has had in the GOP were those that were cowardly bowing out and not standing for re-election so they had nothing to lose and could criticize without having to gravel later.

Hopefully Romney will stick by his guns….if so then he will have given me hope that there are those in the GOP with a spine.


That Leadership Question

AS the 2018 Midterms are looming large and the 2020 presidential election is only two short years away…..the question of leadership from our elected officials should be a paramount question that needs a definitive answer.

I tried to touch on this question recently with a post here on IST……

This country desperately needs a good leader….in my opinion we have not had such for at least 50 years…we have had popular leaders but that does not mean they were good leaders.

Leadership is a difficult quality to obtain and there are fallacies that come with the title of “Good Leader”……

Six Leadership Fallacies

1. Burton Brender

One of the hardest things a leader will ever have to do is accurately assess the performance and potential of his or her workers.  Often, leaders have so much on their plate that really observing their people is a challenge, and it doesn’t help that there are false signals out there that can fool even the wisest of supervisors.  These fallacies can make people who are less competent, and less scrupulous, appear better than they are.  To be on guard against them, leaders must constantly assess themselves when meting out rewards, promotions, and punishment.  Falling for a leadership fallacy can see the wrong person advanced and drive the right people away.

(Please read on about the fallacies)

There are many qualities that a “Good Leader” must have if they are to be successful….again let me emphasize that good does not necessarily mean popular.

Is It Internal Strife?

There is something for everyone……how much chaos can be generated by one op-ed?

The biggest news was not the hearings but rather the op-ed published in the WaPo about the subversion of the Trump White House….and as one might expect Our Dear Leader is raging mad and as usual taking to Twitter…..

There is a “quiet resistance” within the Trump administration that is working to curb some of the president’s “worst inclinations.” That’s according to the author of an anonymous op-ed published by the New York Times on Wednesday. The writer, identified as a senior official in the administration, counts himself or herself as a member of this resistance. But the writer notes that this is not the “popular ‘resistance’ of the Left” and goes on to praise the administration for achievements in areas such as deregulation, tax reform, and a robust military. “But these successes have come despite … the president’s leadership style, which is impetuous, adversarial, petty, and ineffective,” the writer concedes.

While seeking to assure Americans that there “adults in the room,” who are steering the administration “in the right direction until—one way or another—it’s over,” the writer also provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Trump’s presidency. The president is amoral and lacks guiding principles, the administration official writes. Meetings “veer off topic” as Trump rants—”his impulsiveness results in half-baked, ill-informed, and occasionally reckless decisions that have to be walked back.” But most worrisome, according to the writer, is the loss of civility that has accompanied Trump’s presidency. Read the whole piece here. The AP describes it as “a striking anonymous broadside,” and says Trump responded by calling the editorial “really a disgrace” and tweeting, “TREASON?” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called on the “coward” author to resign.

Now would be a good time to read the op-ed in its entirety….

My readers know where I stand on this person….but now it is time for all the secrecy to end and these anonymous people to stand up and take their place in the resistance… the way it is NOT treason to criticize the president….however it is Treason to allow a foreign entity to invade our political process…….

Coward?  If anyone would recognize a coward it would be that Huckabee woman who takes lying to a new high.

Just a thought.

But sports fans there is so much more… always Trump went on his typical yada yada tour and told lie after lie…….

“TREASON?” tweeted President Trump after the New York Times published an op-ed from an anonymous administration official who described his leadership style as “impetuous” and “adversarial” and spoke of a “resistance” inside a deeply unstable administration. In a follow-up tweet, the president told the newspaper to reveals the author’s identity, if it wasn’t a “phony source,” the Guardian reports. “If the GUTLESS anonymous person does indeed exist, the Times must, for National Security purposes, turn him/her over to government at once,” Trump said, adding: “I’m draining the Swamp, and the Swamp is trying to fight back. Don’t worry, we will win!” More:

  • “I don’t like them.” Speaking at a meeting of sheriffs from around the country Wednesday afternoon, Trump described both the source and the Times as “failing,” CBS reports. “When you tell me about some anonymous source within the administration, probably who is failing and probably here for all the wrong reasons—and the New York Times is failing—if I weren’t here, I believe the New York Times probably wouldn’t even exist,” he said. They don’t like Donald Trump and I don’t like them,” he said of the Times.

People “stunned” within the Times. The Times‘ newsroom is separate from its opinion department, and sources tell Vanity Fair that people within the paper were “totally stunned” to read the “cry for help” from inside the administration. “It’s a parlor game. Everybody’s trying to figure out who it is, including the Washington bureau,” one senior journalist says. “It feels like a crazy moment.”

  • Sanders wants an apology. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told the Times it should apologize for the ” pathetic, reckless, and selfish op-ed.” She also said the source is a “coward” who should resign. “He is not putting country first, but putting himself and his ego ahead of the will of the American people,” she said.
  • “Volcanic” anger. In the White House, the hunt for the op-ed’s author is on, insiders tell the Washington Post. The sources say Trump reacted with “volcanic” anger to the op-ed and said he suspects the official either works in the Justice Department or on national security issues. Aides are analyzing language patterns in an effort to find the author, insiders say. They say aides have been texting each other the phrase: “The sleeper cells have awoken.”
  • The guessing game. The AP looks at the “guessing game” people are playing to determine the author. Among the clues: The word “lodestar,” frequently used in Mike Pence’s speeches; could the author be someone close to him, or was it used to throw people off? The Times says the author was described as a “he” by somebody unaware of the author’s identity, meaning it isn’t necessarily a man.
  • Defending anonymity. The Times is defending the controversial and “exceedingly rare” decision to grant anonymity to the author of the op-ed. “It was clear early on that the writer wanted anonymity, but we didn’t grant anything until we read it and we were confident that they were who they said they were,” says op-ed editor James Dao. He says the author set out a “very principled position that deserved an airing.”
  • Is Trump in his element? With the op-ed, the Robert Mueller investigation, and Bob Woodward’s new book, Trump may seem embattled, but his critics should remember that he has “skirted calamity” many times in his career before and gone on to brag about surviving the crisis, writes Michael Kruse at Politico. He says Trump ally Roger Stone told him the “fearless” president makes even Richard Nixon look like a “cream puff.” “Nixon was smarter,” he quotes Stone as saying, “but Trump is tougher.”

People talk about the number of “crises” this administration has had…..maybe it would be easier to keep up with the number of days that there has been no crisis.

0800 hrs…..Hi-ho, Hi-ho It is off to the Docs I go!

See ya seen….chuq

The Death Of Political Courage

I would like to report that my area dodged a bullet….the storm that was headed our way actually came ashore 30 miles East of me… we were on the West side so a little rain and wind and no damage…..I survived to write another day.

In the days of Trump and the GOP I see NO political courage….I see No one standing up to the leadership of the GOP with the exception of those cowards that refuse to run again and have tried to become the soul of the GOP….in that they FAILED!

Just last week John McCain died.

There are more issues with McCain that I disagreed with than agreed….but I will say that he did have the political courage to take on his party on some issues……

Senator John McCain sought to stop the Bush administration’s attempt to weaken the protections offered by Geneva Conventions. The provision at issue was obscure, the matter legally complicated, and the White House was ready to fight. But McCain was determined.

At the time, I served as the senator’s foreign policy adviser. Talking in his office, we went over the issue one more time. It’s important, I said, but few understand it. You may well lose if you choose to fight this. Even if you win, you’ll get no credit for the victory, and the matter will soon be forgotten. But, I added, I think it’s the right thing to do.

“They are threatening to weaken the Geneva Conventions,” McCain responded. “I can’t let them do that. I’ll fight them to the end—even if it costs me everything.”

A sad day…..for with the death of John McCain came with the death of political courage.

Think about it…who do you see as having the courage to step up and buck the president other than the Dems….no Repub has a spine to do that these days…..

A nice tribute was written by H.R. McMasters to McCain…..

He, McCain, will be sorely missed in a town of soulless drones he was an individual….and in a Building filled with spineless cowards he was a bright light that is gone forever.

Elections In Name Only

You know I have been analysis for about 40 years and at one point I had high hopes for this country……different people of varying ideologies would run for office and the people would show some genuine concern for the fellow Americans…..they would listen and then decide who was best for the country and vote for that person…….but the 90’s brought my optimism to an end.

To be truthful….I have become disheartened with the whole system……the country is NO longer the most important thing……instead the voter picks an issue and everything they do revolves around that issue……no longer is the subject of politics anything but the selfish ramblings of ego-centric individuals… longer is society and its people important but rather some emotional dribble that does not move this country forward…..

As much as I am disappointed in my fellow Americans….I still drag myself up and look everyday for that ray of hope… far that ray is hidden from view by the personalities that lie and cheat to gain a seat at the table of power….

And that table of power is the government…….no longer is there a grand scheme for moving us forward….but rather individual ego trips…..say the most outrageous things and you are assured massive coverage……that is NOT the way to move a country forward…..but it is a great plan to move the individual forward….and there is the problem.

These individualistic ego trips have turn the country from a majority rule to one of plurality….no longer is there a two party system….more like a 3 party system……at least in the House…and the Senate is not far behind……..“On paper, the GOP currently has 245 members, but when 50 feel they can walk away from their leadership on any given day, it’s really a plurality, not a majority,” Politico notes.

“The House, then, is not controlled by one party but better understood as a playing field for at least three: the party on the right, the dominant Republican core in the center, and the left represented by the Democrats. The challenge is to build alliances among these three to get to the 218 votes needed to move legislation. This coalition approach may seem a blow to Republican pride but it could also be liberating for John Boehner since it brings him back to the role he often forgets: Speaker of the House.”

I have heard some people voice optimism in the 2016 elections…..that we can find our way out of this minefield that is slowly choking the life out of our system…….BOLLOCKS!

2016 will be the same game…..theatrics, hysterics, lies, misinformation and more insulting rhetoric…….in other words…..same song, different year.

Nothing we do in 2016 will change anything…..that will happen when someone wakes up to the games and the disrespect for the American people….and that cannot happen as long as the voter enables the morons to run and win.

Finally, A Set Of Cajones!

I have wondered along with many other political writers just where are the conservs with cajones…..the adults in the GOP have let the kids from the Tea Party and some advocacy groups run rough shod over the policies of the party… the recent budget deal…..personally, I found it lacking in so many areas….but some groups were bashing it even before it was officially announced…..and they were very verbally abusive to the people that were voting for the deal…..

Then a miracle on 34th street (like the Xmas cinema reference?) appeared on the horizon…….a voice of sanity, at least for now….and who could this masked man be?

(Newser) – John Boehner slammed political advocacy groups today, which would be no big surprise except the groups in his sights are on the right, not the left. “They’re using our members and they’re using the American people for their own goals,” Boehner told reporters, after prominent conservative groups such as the Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, and Heritage Action slammed the new budget deal even before it was officially announced, reports NBC News. “This is ridiculous.” The LA Times described it as “uncharacteristically forceful” language from the speaker, who has sought to keep the groups in his corner during previous budget battles.

Boehner delivered similar remarks to House Republicans behind closed doors, reports the Hill, suggesting to the rank and file that the groups were more concerned with raising money than defending conservative principles. The groups say they’re angry that the proposed deal raises spending levels in 2014, albeit slightly—to $1.012 trillion from the $967 billion that would have been in place had the full sequester cuts taken effect. The full House votes on the measure tomorrow, and Boehner’s language suggests he’s not worried about the vote failing, even if a conservative bloc defects. Said Ryan: “We feel very good at where we are with our members.”

Yes sports fans….that masked man is John Boehner……who would have thought it?

What Has Happened To Political Courage?

College of Political Knowledge

Lecture #

Political courage is doing what is best for the country,  not what is expedient for one’s political career….Washington has No one with political courage….just political cowards (a strong word, I know…..but sometimes the truth hurts)……or as I call them  CENTRISTS!  (a post to follow…stay tuned)

This is one of those subjects that will not be easy to analyze….there is a wealth of angles from which to approach the subject……I will start with the last debate in Washington….the tax cuts proposal that both Left and Right have a problem with…

The media is talking with those on the Left and the right that have voted NO on the new tax bill….they are being portrayed as some kind of hero for standing on principles…..this is mostly bullsh*t!

It is called “corralling” ……the two leaders of each house, the majority and the minority, round up the required votes to pass the bill and once that is accomplished they allow some to vote in opposition to the bill….it is a way of padding a resume for the next run for office……there is NO political courage in this!

In reality, the US Congress has NOT been a serious institution for 40 years or more…..they have NOT really attacked anything of consequence, they only tackle little battles while the war rages on….they have been immature, nay…..cowards, for close to 50 years and soon it will be too late to repair the damage they have caused….and when that occurs, I hope that history will NOT be kind to them and paint them as the cowards they were and are….

The media when they make these idiots out something they are not,  are doing NO one any good and are just part of the problem with our governing system…political courage is just a catch phrase in today’s politics….it NO longer exists…..the system dashes all hopes for political courage……the system is corrupt and NO one wants it to change….the prestige, the power, the cash all work in conflict to the people’s desire and that will continue because NO one wants it to change…..NO ONE HAS THE POLITICAL COURAGE TO CHANGE IT!