Closing Thought–28Nov18

The midterms from Mississippi….who cares right?

I live there so I f*cking care!

There has been a back and forth for the office of US Senator from Mississippi….a racist white broad or a black guy with deep ties to DC….I said when the run-off was announced that Hyde-Smith would win no matter what her mouth did……and I was correct……

Mississippi failed to deliver the Democrats an Alabama-style upset in the last race of the 2018 midterms. Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith defeated Democrat Mike Espy and will serve the remaining two years of Sen. Thad Cochran’s term. She is the first woman elected to Congress from Mississippi, the Clarion-Ledger reports. If Espy had won, he would have been the first African-American the state had elected to Congress since 1874, and the first Democratic senator elected in the state since 1982. The victory in the runoff gives Republicans control of 53 out of 100 seats in the Senate. Hyde-Smith had been widely expected to win, though the GOP had to pump funds into the state as the race narrowed in ts final weeks.

Hyde-Smith stuck to a strategy of appealing to President Trump’s core voters—and was rewarded for it, ABC reports. The president appeared at two of her rallies Monday night and she personally thanked him at her victory party Tuesday. “Mr. President, and I just talked to him so I know he’s watching, thank you so much for everything,” she said. The victory follows a divisive campaign that led to several corporate donors asking Hyde-Smith to return their donations, the AP reports. Hyde-Smith was recorded joking about attending a public hanging, and talking about making it “more difficult” for “liberal folks” to vote. (She accused Espy of using the hanging remarks as a “weapon.”)

Espy gave a good fight….but in Mississippi is will NEVER be enough to change the the minds of the racist folk that have a lock hold on government….the “good old boy” network is firmly in control……

A good fight will never be enough in Mississippi.

I listen to the victory speech…..and I laughed my ass off….what a pack of bullshit!

“Mississippi you know my heart and my mind”  yes they do and the vote shows they know exactly what she is….

“It was never about me it was about Mississippi”… is never about the state and everything about keeping power centered in the hands of the few racist old bastards that remain.

This vote guaranteed two things….a black man will never be good enough and the state will remain at the bottom of every list of good things.  PERIOD!

Sorry if that offends.


14 thoughts on “Closing Thought–28Nov18

  1. I don’t know that much about your state, chuq. But I would have bet my house that a white woman would beat a black man in any election there.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. No offense taking, I have traveled and lived in different countries but I still miss Mississippi. I just wish my State could stop the bullshit and move forward towards the future of progress. Mississippi is one of the poorest or the poorest state in the union. Everybody I know has moved out of state because there aren’t any jobs. It’s not the 1950s anymore, you can’t have progress if people still have these racist thoughts. I probably will never live there again but I still miss and care about my birthplace. Anyway, I knew the result from the election before it began.

    1. I agree…Mississippi has a lot to offer if it just could move past its horrible history… least I live on the Coast where it is more progressive….chuq

      1. That is absolute truth and you know it. The Founding Fathers and all their descendents were slave holders and were racist as Hell. Racism existed even when I was a kid and still exists and will always exist and is in the dna of the American Citizen and will never be erased internally and will be erased externally only to the degree that the oppressors legislate love… which is an entirely impossible goal.

      2. Do not think so….even the language of the documents show they were trying to change their evil ways….most were weak and could not but the thoughts were there. chuq

      3. Doesn’t preclude the fact that they were slavers and that nobody could vote unless they were white, landowners and/or slavers. Check your history. I am not interested in what somebody thinks they were feeling. I am interested only in what they were doing.

      4. Everyone has a modicum of racist in their dna and everyone speaks and writes from the center of their own biases.

      5. People will fight their racist tendencies only so long as the same people are not threatened. Once a threat rises, if the threat is great enough, the inborn tendencies will come to life and will dominate the response. (Basic Psychology).

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