Afghanistan Is Collapsing!

I have been writing about Afghanistan since the early days of the invasion and then through the occupation……I have said continuously that it is time to declare success and bring our people home…….

I am not alone in my angst about Afghanistan……(this article was written before the rash of American deaths this month)…..

November has been quite a month, so far, in Afghanistan.  The level of violence has been appalling and the most serious recent atrocity was yet another suicide bombing in Kabul. It killed over fifty people and injured twice that many but didn’t merit a Trump tweet, which isn’t surprising because he doesn’t seem to be interested in the place.  Further, as reported by the Washington Post on November 19, he hasn’t visited a single country in which his troops are fighting.

The reason he hasn’t visited his troops in such areas is because he is a coward.  He is a physical yellow-belly who lacks the courage to go anywhere near a war zone.  He is below contempt, but he could gain a little bit of respect if he ordered the US and NATO to get out of Afghanistan.

Does anyone disagree?


14 thoughts on “Afghanistan Is Collapsing!

  1. He always looks uncomfortable, outside of the USA. Even when he’s walking around in France and Germany I have never seen him appear relaxed, so the chance of him gong withing 50 miles of a war zone seems unlikely.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. A couple of weeks ago I saw on the news, either ABC or NBC that the military was asking for more troops in Afghanistan. They said with what we have now we were losing. No reply that I heard from the White House. Trump’s military advisers still want more troops. I don’t expect him to go against them. Don’t know who else is advising him to leave, or if anyone us. Don’t hear anyone I’m Congress speaking up .

    1. No you are missing nothing…that is the question that needs answering….a real answer and not an excuse……thanx for the visit and comment….please stop as often as you can….chuq

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