Closing Thought–27Nov18

How many of my readers were on the internet in 1999?

Well I was and I participated in an experiment into democracy……

Democracy on the internet…….

in 1999 I felt that the internet was the future of democracy and voting…….now a look back into those days……

In 1999, the organization responsible for the backbone of the public internet, ICANN, tried to build a democracy.

In theory it was utopian: Internet users from around the world would register as at-large members of ICANN, elect delegates to represent their continent, and these delegates would sit on the ICANN board of directors. The structure of internet would be governed by its users.

ICANN was in a position to do this because it’s in the business of determining how people are found on the World Wide Web. It governs the directory that every computer uses for directions to the right web page on the right server. If you register a web page, it gets registered by an ICANN-approved registrar. This proposal wasn’t just about who could register a .edu domain versus a .org, but instead who would be allowed to have a place on the web at all.

I still think that the internet could be used for good but that would require a free internet and there are too many working to make sure that is NEVER the case.

Any thoughts?


16 thoughts on “Closing Thought–27Nov18

    1. Plus here they threaten a cost increase for a couple of years and then they pat themselves of the back and then the next year do it….it is all a game to raise prices…..there is no way it will be usrful until everyone can use it….chuq

  1. If there is a chance of somebody making a dollar out of manipulating or slicing up or segregating or selling pieces of the internet, it will never be free and where surveillance is so easily done, it will never be secure.

    1. So true. Honestly, so many of my friends are trying to become youtubers rn because they see how much money a lot of youtubers are making (and they want to be famous) but that’s just one part of how the internet can make you rich by reaching people, so it’s hard to use it for good motives. PS: cool post, lobotero!

      1. Oh I don’t know…it might have something to do with me not paying for my website tho. I swear I’ll fix that soon- I’m just really cheap! lol

  2. A Free Internet would no doubt be considered to be too ‘Socialist’ by most Americans. 🙂
    I had used computers at work by 1999, but I didn’t get my first laptop until 2001. Computers were horrifically expensive in the UK at hat time. My first basic Dell laptop cost me almost £2,000 at that time, and now a similar model retails at under £250. I had a 56 kps dial-up connection which used to take so long to download a photo, I could pop to the shops and back before it had appeared. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I switch to laptops in 2005 after Katrina took my desk top….my dial up was slow also and with 2 of us using it we would kick each off the damn thing….love the speed these days….LOL chuq

      1. When we got fibre broadband, we were promised speeds up to 10 mb. I usually get 8-9 connected by cable, so I am happy enough. But some companies claim 24 mb, and rarely deliver even half of that.

      2. my speed is okay for me but not so much for my daughter’s family where everyone in the house trending and downloading and such……they bitch more than I…LOL chuq

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