Remove A Difficult, Racist And Stubborn President

Read the title…can you think of what the post is about?

Before some well meaning thumb sucker gets on his low horse and tries to rip me for writing about the impeachment of Trump from the presidency……

Guess what?

This has nothing to do with the idiot in White House on this day….

It is about the president we knew as Andrew Johnson….the person that became president after the death of Lincoln……

The president of the United States was both a racist and a very difficult man to get along with.

He routinely called blacks inferior. He bluntly stated that no matter how much progress they made, they must remain so. He openly called critics disloyal, even treasonous. He liberally threw insults like candy during public speeches. He rudely ignored answers he didn’t like. He regularly put other people into positions they didn’t want to be in, then blamed them when things went sour. His own bodyguard later called him “destined to conflict,” a man who “found it impossible to conciliate or temporize.”

But the nation’s politicians simply had to interact with Andrew Johnson, for he had become the legitimate, constitutionally ordained chief executive upon Abraham Lincoln’s death by assassination.

Speaking of Abe Lincoln…..what do you know about our past president?  He suffered from depression……he was tall…..he was shot in the head…..president during the War Between The States…….anything else?

 So how much do you really know about Lincoln, the man?

We’ve gone through the tons of research available about Abraham (don’t call me Abe) Lincoln, so you can impress your friends and family with your Lincoln knowledge.

Here are our top 10 Lincoln facts, followed by 40 other pieces of trivia that you can research on your own.

Learn stuff!


5 thoughts on “Remove A Difficult, Racist And Stubborn President

      1. Ferguson is known for being outspoken, to sell his books and get on TV. Of course, like all WW1 detractors, he makes some good points. But I think he forgets the National Pride and sense of dignity that pervaded Britain at the height of Empire. Yes, there was the treaty to protect Belgian neutrality, but more than that were the German intentions to gain colonies from Britain. It is arguable that we went to war to protect the Empire, not Belgium, France, or Europe. We were an overseas colonial power with little interest in Europe, after all.
        We also expected to win, and win quickly. The mentality of Edwardian England that still prevailed could not countenance a defeat by Germany, and could also not imagine a long war that would not be over by Christmas.
        Then there is the idea that industrialists and capitalists might have foreseen a long war being good for profits, and the destruction of the mighty German industrial heartland.
        Either way, our involvement in WW1 was inevitable.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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