Another American Death

Closing Thought–26Oct18

Sad news another American soldier has been killed in Afghanistan……

Sgt. James Slape, 23, was killed by an IED in Afghanistan Oct. 4—and in a new report, the New York Times

An armored vehicle first struck a roadside bomb; no one was injured, but when Slape, a bomb disposal technician, went to the area with others to locate explosives and clear a path for the damaged truck to be towed away and its passengers to exit, he stepped on the bomb that killed him

Sgt. Slape’s unit had requested new and better equipment and it had been denied…..

Army National Guard unit had requested better equipment and training, but had been denied both because funds were not available.

Two officials tell the Times Slape’s unit was not in possession of the most advanced mine detectors that can be used to find bomb components used by the Taliban, and bomb technicians say much of the equipment and training his unit had asked for would have been standard for bomb disposal units in an area like Helmand. But it’s not clear whether the denial of such equipment contributed to Slape’s death.

As much money as this country spends on defense contracts then every soldier should have the most up to date and safer equipment available.

Just my thought here.

Our thoughts go out to Sgt. Slape’s family.


4 thoughts on “Another American Death

  1. Lack of equipment and resources was the cause of so many British deaths and casualties in Afghanistan. Nothing changes, and the men keep dying.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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