Human Trafficking Or Slavery?

Today is Anti-Slavery Day!  18Oct18!

A few years back I went to a seminar on human trafficking as part of a certificate that I wanted….the subject is fascinating and a topic that needs more attention in the news.

But first we need to understand just what is human trafficking…..

Slavery is a product of human trafficking…..and there has been a study made on Modern Slavery…..

Slavery, long banned and universally condemned, persists in many corners of the world, victimizing tens of millions of people.

Then there are the countries where slavery is a part of life….a sad indictment of the world today…..after all it is the 21st century and we should be better than this…..

As you can see that slavery is not some aspect of life from the past…it is real and people are suffering from its practices today.

I hope the shirt vids that are provided here was of help in understanding what is happening in the world….virtually under the noses of our leaders.  Maybe my post will help generate interest in the subject….and help generate a concern that leads to action to help the world move beyond this barbarous act.

If you can please do whatever it takes to help fight this subject….if you are not sure how to fight this ….then maybe this vid will help…..

Thanx for your time and attention on this subject……please help if you can.


9 thoughts on “Human Trafficking Or Slavery?

  1. We had a big feature on the BBC about modern-day slavery in the UK, which is still a significant problem. From car-wash men not being paid and bullied, to 12 year-old girls brought over for prostitution. Sad indeed.
    Best wishes,,Pete.

    1. US the same…..we have lots of TV coverage but few are listening…..I mean down here in the Deep South there are Eastern European sex workers in the Casinos……no one cares…..sad indeed….chuq

  2. I have heard about it late days, radios talking about how the human traffickers are carrying people lying that they are going to give them work, and support them abroad. And according to the situations many people live in, I think everyone can take that chance.
    Life is too hard, that’s why people thinks that if they get abroad, in America or in Europe, their life will get better.
    It’s sad story to hear about people selling others, but what can we do, we can’t get a job for everyone.

    1. I wish people would realize that coming to America is not the answer……there are more poor than rich here……the answer is get rid of corrupt officials and find a system that cherishes the people and not the cash it can milk out of the land. chuq

      1. How can that happen if all full authorities are in leaders who seem to work for themselves. Peasants can’t say anything, they want to live their easy quiet life, just to see another day.

      2. I understand and I see that the revolution in some cases is the only way to change things…..and not always for the better….chuq

  3. Reblogged this on The Rose Project and commented:
    The writer behind this blog makes the significant point that human trafficking doesn’t come in only one form. In the first video, it is shown how initially innocent seeming situations turn for the worst. Many people tend to think of kidnapping when human trafficking is discussed. However, many people are trapped upon arriving at a certain area such as a job. In the example of a job, someone is transported to the workplace and is then kept there. Many times they are promised a higher compensation than the one they receive and, as a result, aren’t able to leave their job as they don’t have the sufficient means to do so. People may also be trafficked, not only for labor, but also for involuntary sex work.
    People are ripped apart from their families each day, and it is time for change. It is a deeply saddening issue, people lose the lives they once lived and are trafficked for the means of others. It is a painful subject for many as it has become normalized in certain countries since it occurs so frequently. For example, certain Asian and African countries have high amounts of human trafficking. It is no wonder that even in the United States, what is considered a country in which there are low amounts of human trafficking in comparison to others, people are still wary of themselves and alert when walking alone. People deserve to live freely, to make conscious decisions for themselves. Just imagine all of the things we take for granted that would be gone if we were in such a dire situation.
    Human trafficking follows a certain pattern:
    It is this simple looking formula that has the power to ruin lives, and we have the power to fight against it.

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