Is It Internal Strife?

There is something for everyone……how much chaos can be generated by one op-ed?

The biggest news was not the hearings but rather the op-ed published in the WaPo about the subversion of the Trump White House….and as one might expect Our Dear Leader is raging mad and as usual taking to Twitter…..

There is a “quiet resistance” within the Trump administration that is working to curb some of the president’s “worst inclinations.” That’s according to the author of an anonymous op-ed published by the New York Times on Wednesday. The writer, identified as a senior official in the administration, counts himself or herself as a member of this resistance. But the writer notes that this is not the “popular ‘resistance’ of the Left” and goes on to praise the administration for achievements in areas such as deregulation, tax reform, and a robust military. “But these successes have come despite … the president’s leadership style, which is impetuous, adversarial, petty, and ineffective,” the writer concedes.

While seeking to assure Americans that there “adults in the room,” who are steering the administration “in the right direction until—one way or another—it’s over,” the writer also provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Trump’s presidency. The president is amoral and lacks guiding principles, the administration official writes. Meetings “veer off topic” as Trump rants—”his impulsiveness results in half-baked, ill-informed, and occasionally reckless decisions that have to be walked back.” But most worrisome, according to the writer, is the loss of civility that has accompanied Trump’s presidency. Read the whole piece here. The AP describes it as “a striking anonymous broadside,” and says Trump responded by calling the editorial “really a disgrace” and tweeting, “TREASON?” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called on the “coward” author to resign.

Now would be a good time to read the op-ed in its entirety….

My readers know where I stand on this person….but now it is time for all the secrecy to end and these anonymous people to stand up and take their place in the resistance… the way it is NOT treason to criticize the president….however it is Treason to allow a foreign entity to invade our political process…….

Coward?  If anyone would recognize a coward it would be that Huckabee woman who takes lying to a new high.

Just a thought.

But sports fans there is so much more… always Trump went on his typical yada yada tour and told lie after lie…….

“TREASON?” tweeted President Trump after the New York Times published an op-ed from an anonymous administration official who described his leadership style as “impetuous” and “adversarial” and spoke of a “resistance” inside a deeply unstable administration. In a follow-up tweet, the president told the newspaper to reveals the author’s identity, if it wasn’t a “phony source,” the Guardian reports. “If the GUTLESS anonymous person does indeed exist, the Times must, for National Security purposes, turn him/her over to government at once,” Trump said, adding: “I’m draining the Swamp, and the Swamp is trying to fight back. Don’t worry, we will win!” More:

  • “I don’t like them.” Speaking at a meeting of sheriffs from around the country Wednesday afternoon, Trump described both the source and the Times as “failing,” CBS reports. “When you tell me about some anonymous source within the administration, probably who is failing and probably here for all the wrong reasons—and the New York Times is failing—if I weren’t here, I believe the New York Times probably wouldn’t even exist,” he said. They don’t like Donald Trump and I don’t like them,” he said of the Times.

People “stunned” within the Times. The Times‘ newsroom is separate from its opinion department, and sources tell Vanity Fair that people within the paper were “totally stunned” to read the “cry for help” from inside the administration. “It’s a parlor game. Everybody’s trying to figure out who it is, including the Washington bureau,” one senior journalist says. “It feels like a crazy moment.”

  • Sanders wants an apology. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told the Times it should apologize for the ” pathetic, reckless, and selfish op-ed.” She also said the source is a “coward” who should resign. “He is not putting country first, but putting himself and his ego ahead of the will of the American people,” she said.
  • “Volcanic” anger. In the White House, the hunt for the op-ed’s author is on, insiders tell the Washington Post. The sources say Trump reacted with “volcanic” anger to the op-ed and said he suspects the official either works in the Justice Department or on national security issues. Aides are analyzing language patterns in an effort to find the author, insiders say. They say aides have been texting each other the phrase: “The sleeper cells have awoken.”
  • The guessing game. The AP looks at the “guessing game” people are playing to determine the author. Among the clues: The word “lodestar,” frequently used in Mike Pence’s speeches; could the author be someone close to him, or was it used to throw people off? The Times says the author was described as a “he” by somebody unaware of the author’s identity, meaning it isn’t necessarily a man.
  • Defending anonymity. The Times is defending the controversial and “exceedingly rare” decision to grant anonymity to the author of the op-ed. “It was clear early on that the writer wanted anonymity, but we didn’t grant anything until we read it and we were confident that they were who they said they were,” says op-ed editor James Dao. He says the author set out a “very principled position that deserved an airing.”
  • Is Trump in his element? With the op-ed, the Robert Mueller investigation, and Bob Woodward’s new book, Trump may seem embattled, but his critics should remember that he has “skirted calamity” many times in his career before and gone on to brag about surviving the crisis, writes Michael Kruse at Politico. He says Trump ally Roger Stone told him the “fearless” president makes even Richard Nixon look like a “cream puff.” “Nixon was smarter,” he quotes Stone as saying, “but Trump is tougher.”

People talk about the number of “crises” this administration has had…..maybe it would be easier to keep up with the number of days that there has been no crisis.

0800 hrs…..Hi-ho, Hi-ho It is off to the Docs I go!

See ya seen….chuq

19 thoughts on “Is It Internal Strife?

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is Pence. I’ve always suspected that he was a masterful manipulator and that he jumped on the Vice Presidency because Trump is so obviously vulnerable. It’s nauseating how he kowtows to Trump with that condescending, pious expression that looks like he’s trying to hold in a huge fart. I’m sorry to be vulgar, but I can’t stand the man. He and Ted Cruz are constantly preaching a sermon while they join hands with demon.

  2. Just to insert a couple observations on this…

    Point 1 – As I mentioned in my own post.. the largest glaring issue I have with what this ‘secret” person is alleging… these resistance “persons” are NOT elected yet they are interfering in the proper conduct of the President and asserting their own agenda. It does NOT matter if their agenda/reasons are altruistic and meant to appear heroic. While I dislike Trump in office as everyone well knows, we MUST recognize that this person is alleging what amounts to sabotaging the President of the United States. This is NOT right or Constitutional, and the act itself is likely illegal in some form.

    Point 2 – These “resistance” persons should have recognized the above and while this person alleges to have suggested that cabinet members had discussed exercising the 25th amendment, subsequently dismissing it because of its complex process, THAT would have been an an overt attempt at a Constitutional REMEDY given the reluctance of Congress in moving forward on its own. Instead, it can be VERY easily interpreted that this “resistance” bunch is trying to preserve some level of continuing and promoting the overall Trump agenda while at the same time trying to contain the President as a “symbolic” actor in the process. Irregardless of one’s view of a Trump’s agenda, this self-serving intrigue cannot and must not continue.

    Point 3 – Curtail this nonsense idea of a “steady state” running the presidency, and immediately these “resistance” persons should resign and come forward publicly and submit to Congressional scrutiny. Otherwise… all this secret stuff can be interpreted in any number of ways.. including what one media anchor suggested as being a “soft coup”.

    Point 4 – The NYT has indicated the author of this op-ed had some fear of losing his/her job. If it were Pence, Trump, nor anyone else, can fire him (although Congress can impeach him as well). Also, as revealed in a recent book about Pence himself, he has dreams of taking over after Trump is gone and has his own agenda. It’s very probable that Pence is NOT in this “resistance” loop because he IS the VP and wants to stay clear in order to be ready to assume the presidency without being wrapped in a conspiracy..

    1. The drama is almost word for word what the book has said…..I agree that it would take guts and I do not see any in DC…….this is just throwing nuts into the machine with no one willing to step forward….chuq

    1. As I suggested in my post, Pete.. a fake could be possible, but one has to trust to some measure that the New York Times has vetted and confirmed the person’s identity enough to risk posting an anonymous op-ed which it rarely does. After all, the NYT has nothing to gain just wildly publishing an anonymous op-ed without doing some homework on the author.

      1. It is hard to engage if no one can find him….. there is no such thing as instant gratification of wordpress these days….chuq

  3. I have a thought for you guys to entertain — What if all this is a hoax and the President himself is the source? It would be a great mechanism by which he could keep attention focused on himself and he loves to have attention focused on himself and if I gain any insight from his tweets, he is also somewhat fond of generating controversy from time to time.

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