The Assassination Of Huey Long

I feel compelled to help my fellow Americans to learn the history that is left out of most history books…….history is interesting as well as fascinating….there is something for everyone.

On this day, September 8 in 1935 an assassin shot and killed presidential candidate Huey Long of Louisiana.

On this day in 1935, a Sunday, Sen. Huey Long was shot in the Louisiana state Capitol by the son-in-law of a political enemy. He died about 30 hours later at age 42. News of Long’s death made headlines around the world. Some 200,000 mourners flocked to Baton Rouge for the funeral.

Branded a demagogue by his critics, Long was a larger-than-life figure who boasted that he bought legislators “like sacks of potatoes, shuffled them like a deck of cards.” He dubbed himself “The Kingfish,” saying: “I’m a small fish here in Washington. But I’m the Kingfish to the folks down in Louisiana.”

A fascinating individual…some called him a socialist, others a populist and his popularity was amazing especially in his home state of Louisiana …….

Huey Long was a fiery and charismatic Louisiana politician who moved up the ranks at a young age. Branded a demagogue and radical by his opponents, and known for turning his back on established processes to gain political victories, Long controlled a vast political machine in the name of courting working class and poor constituents.

There are those that say that Long was targeted by FDR because he was so popular and was gaining in the presidential polls.

Long did much for Louisiana……built roads, schools took on oil industry and made them pay taxes to be used for education and schools….Long was a colorful figure from the history of the South….his story makes excellent reading.

If you are interested in this American politician than a visit to a website dedicated to him and his story is available……all things Huey Long……

In closing of this post a short musical interlude from Randy Newman in honor of Huey “the Kingfish” Long…..

*****Warning:  The “N” word is used in the song below…if you are offended then you might pass on the video.*****

In closing I would like to let you guys hear some more of Randy Newman and the “Good Old Boys” album….warning the “N” word is used but please listen to the words before you condemn for Newman makes fun the “Rednecks” of the South of the past……

Just had to drop some local history on you, my readers ….now time for my Saturday to kick off with those damn “honey dos”…..


I try to make IST something for everyone and a good source of FYI…

As the weekend begins news comes that my state has the second highest incidents of sexual transmitted diseases (STDs)……another list that my state should be embarrassed of ….if it is a “Good” list we are at the bottom, if it is a “Bad” list we are at the top and it has been that way for a very long time.

All that comes with more terrible news about STDs…..

A record has been set in the US, but not one to celebrate: Almost 2.3 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis were diagnosed last year—more than 200,000 over the record set in 2016, per the CDC in a report released Tuesday. One CDC director says there have been “steep and sustained increases” in sexually transmitted diseases over the past five years, a “very concerning” trend that hasn’t been seen in two decades. Experts suspect that with newer drugs lowering the risk of HIV infection and making the virus itself less lethal if it is contracted, condom usage has declined, leading to the rapid rise in STDs. But experts tell NBC News that other factors likely contributing include less funding for agencies focused on STD prevention, doctors failing to test patients for STDs, and a general lack of awareness about sexual health—including the need to get tested even if no symptoms are present.

These are the estimates of the number of people with new and existing cases of eight STDs in the United States. The estimates are based on 2008 data.

Another fact is the Deep Red South has 10 out of the top 15 states with the highest cases of STDs.

Sad that in the 21st century that this health issue should be in the news…..and as an aunty of mine use to always say…”keep in your pants and you will always smile”…..

As long as sex is the subject of this post…..there is another aspect of the exercise…..this study is one that I would never have considered…..some of this is not news that is uplifting….actually it is kinda sad.

Daniel Noah Halpern checks in on the state of the world’s sperm in a lengthy piece for GQ, and the upshot at its worst is that there is “the possibility that we will become extinct.” That line comes from Hagai Levine, who co-authored a 2017 Hebrew University/Mount Sinai meta-analysis of 185 studies that involved more than 40,000 men’s sperm and found a worsening picture, and sharply so: In 1973, sperm counts were about 99 million sperm per milliliter of semen; by 2011, that count was down to 47 million per milliliter, and it’s still dropping. “We are producing half the sperm our grandfathers did. We are half as fertile,” writes Halpern, and the numbers prod him to ask: “Would 40 more years—or fewer—bring us all the way to zero?”

Halpern explores a number of other questions, among them, why haven’t we noticed such a drastic change, and what’s the cause? In his view, the answer to the latter question is clear, and “the scientists I talked to were less cautious about embracing this explanation than I expected”: chemicals, which we’ve been ingesting since the industrial revolution but even more so since WWII. He offers a primer on endocrine disruptors like phthalates and BPA, which are found in more obvious places like water bottles, less obvious places like grocery store receipts, and far, far less obvious places like pasta and eggs. He also talks about the significance of a man’s anogenital distance (that’s the distance between the genitals and anus) and how it interrelates with those endocrine disruptors. What’s the solution? IVF, perhaps ultimately. Read his full piece for more.

The “Anogenital” distance?

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