Closing Thought–30Sep18

Here is the perfect example of American justice and how uneven it is spread around our society……

In 2008 the big banks tanked our economy billions were lost, many people lost their retirements, it was a disaster……and of all those bankers that tanked the economy none were made to pay for the treachery….and then you read a story like this……

Ten years after the behavior of over-leveraged and fraudulent banks created a global financial disaster that resulted in hundreds of billions of dollars in losses; a multi-trillion bailout using public money; and millions of people losing their homes to foreclosure, but saw not one high-level financial executive go to jail, a man in Florida has been sentenced to a 20-year prison term for stealing $600 worth of cigarettes from a local convenience store.

Are you surprised at this?  I am not…..if you are not wealthy then you are crap under the boots of the elites….but that is okay for things will change with the next election….or is it the one after that……maybe later?

Oh yeah….I believe the cigarette guy was black….go figure!

Was That “Selfie” Worth It?

We are living in a world where we demand our acknowledgement……we have YouTube…..Insta thingy….Pin that….Snap doodle…..doo da doo da……but the most irritating thing are those damn “selfies”.

Do I really need to explain the term?

We see them every where you go…..groups. shows, concerts, parks anywhere one chooses to go……this society makes it essential that we document our lives at every turn…..

But is it really all that important?  Ask Tu Nguyen….no wait you cannot…she is dead.

What should have been a day of hiking with awe-inspiring views turned tragic in Michigan Wednesday when a woman fell to her death into Lake Superior. WLUC reports 32-year-old Tu Thanh Nguyen, from Sunnyvale, Calif., was traversing the trails along the cliffs of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore by herself when she decided to stop to snap a few selfies. She apparently got too close to the edge of the 200-foot-high cliff she was perched on and plummeted over the side, into the water below.

Two kayakers saw Nguyen fall and rushed to retrieve her, and once back on shore, a kayak company called for help. The Detroit Free Press cites Michigan State University data that shows the lake would’ve been a chilly 45 degrees when Nguyen fell in. A park ranger tells the Marquette Mining Journal she was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. The National Park Service has deemed her death an accident. (An Israeli teen recently fell to his death taking a selfie in Yosemite.)

I wish I could say that this was an isolated case…..but I cannot…..

Now was it really that important to snap a pic of that moment in your life?

I do nothing that needs to be recorded for prosperity….and if I do I will find someone to snap that photo and not walk off a cliff.

To close out this post with some music from “Wet Cactus”……