NATO Was Always Gonna Be

These days NATO makes the news almost weekly…thanx mainly to Our Dear Leader and his feud with the organization over money…..

NATO came into being after WW2 in an attempt to help prevent another World War….but it was always going to be a thing for the world and it all began in 1941……

Ever heard of the Atlantic Charter?

Take about 7 minutes to learn……

That is right……NATO had its birth with the signing of the Atlantic Charter… how about a little more history of the attempt…..

The Atlantic Charter is hailed by some as Churchill and Roosevelt’s vision of a more peaceful and egalitarian post-war world: a world where countries would not seek territorial expansion, aggressors would be disarmed, all nations would have the right to govern themselves and there would be social and economic welfare for all.

The Atlantic Charter is considered by some to be a logical successor document to Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points. In a way it was. Just as Wilson’s 14 Points were turned into a bitter fraud by the Versailles Treaty, so too would the following promises of England and America be turned into a grim charade. Almost every one of the promises made in the charter were broken by the Allies both during and after the war.

Therefore we must ask, was the Charter actually created for the goal of establishing a more peaceful world? Or was there a different goal in mind? There are some troubling questions about this Charter that need to be addressed.

Now you know so others will know… I wrote before….a NATO was always the plan.

So I Have Written!

Class Dismissed!


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