I apologize for the short postings yesterday…I went to work in the yard and got overheated….not a good feeling…..

I try to give my readers info that they have missed during the week or so….an FYI sort of thing.

We hear about the destruction of the environment almost day….and prediction have been forthcoming since the first A-bomb test….there was even an attempt to try a living within a self-contained, the Biosphere…..

Since those days there have been other ideas to try and limit a person carbon footprint….the newest one is in Minnesota and an abandoned Ford factory…

Not to be out done by us Colonials……the Nederlands has a new approach…..

A half-hour commute from Amsterdam, a piece of farmland is slated to become a new kind of neighborhood. Vertical farms, along with traditional fields and orchards surrounding homes, will supply food to people living there. Food waste will turn into fish feed for on-site aquaculture. Houses will filter rainwater, but won’t have driveways. A “village OS” tech platform will use AI to simultaneously manage systems for renewable energy, food production, water supply, and waste.

Human attempts to change the direction of the planet……will these attempts just be something “novel” for B roll news reports?  Or will this help our understanding of what we are doing to our home?

I am old and will not be here to see the destruction first hand…..but my granddaughter will be and I try to let her know what we are doing to this blue marble of wonder.

I am stilling fighting my bout with the heat so I will take it easy this weekend…..hopefully that will correct the damage I may have done.

Let the weekend begin!

10 thoughts on “Saturday–25Aug18

  1. That ‘Carbon Footprint’ issue always makes me laugh. They fly a team of reporters and cameramen out to a Pacific Island or Antarctica, all the way from the UK. Then they report about environmental damage, and the impact of carbon footprints. They manage to keep a straight face too. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Here in Canuckistan, actual Canadian winters are now almost as rare as Trump apologies. Blistering summers however, are now as rare as Trump braggadocio. It’s getting harder & harder to deny shit is hitting the fan. For me, it just got hotter today. At 8 motherfucking AM (on a Saturday!!!!) my idiot neighbour just cut down a beautiful, old, perfectly healthy tree that provided shade for several properties…including mine. There goes my air conditioning bill and my carbon footprint!

    Anyway…if we’re going to survive into the next century with anything resembling civilization…the kind of systems described in your link need to become “normal” and fast. I personally think self-contained aquaculture systems are fucking genius. I’ve even seen a system where fruits, vegetables and fish lived off each other. You didn’t even need to feed the fish. All you had to do is “Set it & forget it”. I’m making sure my Survival Bunker has one.

      1. Yes, I was being (sarcastically) over-optimistic. I think it will pretty much take a miracle for anything remotely resembling civilization to exist by 2050. Shit, we’re just clinging on to civilization now. Because we’re so dependant on computers and electricity….we’re just one good EMP, or Russian hack, away from at least a minor apocalypse.

      1. Wherever there is capitalism, there will be greed.

        But on the plus side, at least it’s greed over something that can produce some tangible benefits to mankind versus the kind of singularly destructive greed of the fossil fuel industry…or MISC Industries. So if it’s one or the other….I know which I’d pick.

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