When Is Tampering Tampering?

Have you heard that Russia may have tampered in our 2016 election?

If not….where the Hell have you been and how do I get there?

No this is not my take on whether Russia did or did not tamper….there has been enough speculation in this topic…I will leave that for others that have more visitors than I.

But as long as I have brought up the subject….do you know how many times the US has tampered in other nations elections since 2005?


Then allow me to assist in your knowledge…….how about Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ukraine, etc…..

Read any article about the “Russian hacking” or “U.S. election interference” and you will likely see some reference to the United States’ own long history of election interference. Yet most of these articles defend the U.S. by claiming that such interference campaigns dropped off significantly since the end of the Cold War.

This assumption, however, is fundamentally wrong.

In the past 15 years alone, there are many cases of the U.S. interfering in the Democratic process of foreign nations. Below are some of the worst examples of this election interference.


Those are the ones that we know of…..I would bet the list is a lot longer and for more years than 13……and yes it is……

The truth is that the US has a long and storied history of tampering in elections……

While the days of its worst behavior are long behind it, the United States does have a well-documented history of interfering and sometimes interrupting the workings of democracies elsewhere. It has occupied and intervened militarily in a whole swath of countries in the Caribbean and Latin America and fomented coups against democratically elected populists.

The most infamous episodes include the ousting of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953 — whose government was replaced by an authoritarian monarchy favorable to Washington — the removal and assassination of Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba in 1961, and the violent toppling of socialist Chilean President Salvador Allende, whose government was swept aside in 1973 by a military coup led by the ruthless Gen. Augusto Pinochet.


Maybe we could try the Golden Rule in this case……

Can I Get A Witness?



10 thoughts on “When Is Tampering Tampering?

  1. Like the old saying “The biter, bit” nothing seems to annoy the accomplished ‘tamperer’ more than the prospect of being tampered with in return.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I wish I had the ability to tamper with Canuckistan elections. Or even influence them just a little bit. I haven’t voted for a winner since…uh…shit…only at the municipal level and that must have been 10 years ago!

    I’m 90% sure the Russians (or somebody) tampered with the Ontario Conservative Leadership election. For some INSANE reason, it was held using Interweb-only voting. (Oh, no risk posed there!) It was a giant clusterfuck. It took over 8hrs to “count votes” sent to their computer. Votes were showing up where they didn’t belong and other shit everybody argued into the night over but now refuses to talk about.

    And the results? Despite every single poll taken that predicted otherwise, the radical conservative male candidate somehow beat the moderate female one….but despite getting fewer votes! (Any of this sounding familiar?) And for some reason 10% who paid money & registered to vote…didn’t bother to vote, even though all they had to do was click a couple fucking buttons from home. That alone is dubious.

    Thanks to winning just 40% of the vote in the general election, he won a whopping Majority Government and is now the Premier of the biggest, most powerful province in Canada….some Americans may recognize him as the brother of former Toronto Mayor and crack smoker….Rob Ford…Congrats Dougie!

    But nothing remotely suspicious happened. It’s all “Forgotten History” now…that’s not even 3 months old.

    1. I know the feeling I have NEVER voted for a winner….basically because I usually vote for the most radical Left candidate and in Mississippi they win nothing….LOL chuq

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