MacArthur’s Invasion

It is August the month in 1945 that the US decided to drop two A-bombs to force Japan to agree to an unconditional surrender…..which they did and the rest is history, as they say……

But located in MacArthur’s papers that were published after is death in the 1960’s found that he had plans to invade the Japanese Islands….it was to be called “Operation Downfall”…….

The planning for Operation Downfall began in early 1945 at the Argonaut Conference in Malta, where the Combined Chiefs of Staff with the approval of President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill set forth the following objectives for the Pacific War:

Following the Okinawa operation, to seize additional positions to intensify the blockade air bombardment of Japan in order to create a situation favorable to: An assault on Kyushu for the purpose of further reducing Japanese capabilities by containing and destroying major enemy forces and further intensifying the blockade and air bombardment in order to establish a tactical condition favorable to the decisive invasion of the industrial heart of Japan through the Tokyo Plain.

Since his plans were dashed by the bombs he had to wait for the next war, the Korean War, for his massive invasion of another country.

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