Iran-Iraq Tensions Rise (Again?)

I could be writing about the war that Saddam started back in the 80’s with his neighbor, Iran.

In case you are still a thumb sucker let me help you out……

Those were the bad old days…..recently Iraq held an election an a Shia cleric won the position of Prime Minister……in doing so you would think that he would have a soft spot in his heart for Shia Iran and vice versa…..well maybe time to think again…..the now PM has stated that he will join in the sanctions on Iran…..

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Aug. 7 that Iraq will abide by US sanctions on Iran to protect Iraq’s own interests. Abadi spokesman Saad al-Hadithi confirmed Aug. 13 that Iraq will not violate US sanctions on Iran and that “Iraq’s stance toward the US sanctions imposed on Iran stems from the general interest of Iraq, and was not impetuous or hasty, but was subjected to study, and was not affected by the positions of other states or political parties.”

After Iraq said it would abide by US sanctions, several Iranian officials raised their voices against Iraq, calling it traitorous and demanding the country pay compensation for damages caused in the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq War that took place under Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, who was executed in 2006.

Now with that said will the same insistence be held once the new PM takes the reigns of power?
Keep in mind that any hostilities could put the American troops in the middle of a conflict.  Something this country does not need…..we have enough wars being juggled by Pentagon and Our Dear Leader.

4 thoughts on “Iran-Iraq Tensions Rise (Again?)

  1. That terrible war seems to have already been consigned to history, conveniently forgetting that the west assisted Saddam to wear down Iran by supplying aircraft, weapons and ‘instructors’. The Iranian losses in that war were staggering, using ‘human wave’ attacks, with many soldiers not even given weapons. Such bitterness is unlikely to ever go away. They even built the ‘fountain of blood’ memorial, in Tehran, so it would never be forgotten..
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The ME has made war a way of life. As long as they are in dispute and pit the majors countries against each other, they received money and assistance – so what incentive is there to stop?

    1. Actually the ME was never this violent….yes they had skirmishes but when dictators ruled things were better for the masses…..ideology be darn….these people had a society that worked for them…ideology be darn… long as defense corporations have free run of the Pentagon we will always have a violent region…if not the ME then the Balkans and on to the Baltic……on and on….chuq

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