Jimmy, Thank You

The Far Right thinks that demonizing Pres. Carter is the way to make their policies law…..they are wrong and anyone that criticizes Carter are wrong….from a foreign policy point of view Carter was a success on many levels…..most notably in the Middle east….it is possible that if he had won re-election the complexion of the conflict would be different.  He seldom gets credit for the START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) which was suppose to eliminate all nukes in the future….and then Reagan shows up and the conflict talk gets louder…..his only “sin” was the failed rescue attempt of the hostages in Iran…..the failure was not the fault of Carter or his plan…weather and malfunctioning equipment caused the failure….but according to many on the Right it was all Jimmy’s fault…kinda like everything these days is Obama’s fault.  I will admit that Jimmy crapped in his corn flakes with the neutron bomb fiasco…..

There is no comparison with after presidency activism…Carter is far more down to earth than his wealthy greedy executives that followed…..but that aside let’s look at his foreign policy chops……

When the historian Walter Russell Mead in a Foreign Policy article published in early 2010, sought to criticize the Obama administration and warn it against the risks of “weakness and indecision” and “incoherence and reversals,” the essay’s headline evoked the threat of a “Carter syndrome.” The meaning was clear: a damning allusion to President Jimmy Carter’s famously weak foreign-policy record.

But there was a problem with Mead’s comparison: The conventional wisdom about Carter is wrong. Far from the feckless leader he’s often portrayed as today, Carter racked up more tangible successes in just four years than most other presidents have in eight.


Thank You, Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter deserves the atta boys he deserves…..not some made up BS from jealous politicos……my feeling is that the world would have been a better place if he had been given another term to implement his policies further……the Middle East may have looked different and nukes may have not been the bane they are these days……

Carter will always have a warm spot in my heart….even though I was a radical in those days his policies were well worth support.

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9 thoughts on “Jimmy, Thank You

  1. I often forget about Carter. I think his toothy smile and unusual accent made him seem rather silly to some of us across The Atlantic.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yeah and he was a peanut farmer from Georgia (the state not the country)…but his plans for renewable energy was spot on…..his ideas for the Middle East were also spot on……the neutron bomb made him unlikable in Europe ….chuq

  2. The only things I remember about the Carter Administration are that there were pet pigs in the White House, Nobody could find a decent-paying job, prices at the grocery stores soared out of sight and we all felt like the country had stagnated and was never going to get out of the doldrums. It was during his administration, however, that I paid a visit to Plains, Georgia, visited a restaurant where the President was well known at the time and learned to eat grits with my breakfast.

    1. I remember stagflation during the seventies Some rough times.
      My favorite breakfast: two eggs scrambled well, grits and biscuits with black coffee.

    2. Most of which you remember were policies that the Ford Admin tried to use to fix the problem caused by the oil embargo……grits are the best thing for breakfast never enough…LOL chuq

      1. I also remember Presidential Ford addressing the nation from the Oval Office talking about inflation and holding up the dumb WIN buttons WIN for whip inflation now. Neither he nor Carter were able to deal with the economy mostly due to the oil embargo’s and oil price shocks.

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