Pro-Trump Leftists

The title…..Is that an oxymoron?

I was doing my normal ritual of reading news and a bit of surfing before eating breakfast…..and a term caught my interest….”Pro-Trump Leftism”.

About here his his supporters will either have a stroke because of high blood pressure or they will do what they mostly do make some disjointed comment and “move on”……..

I will admit that in the beginning I was with Our Dear Leader on several of his foreign policy stands…..but sadly most of them were crap out of his mouth…….but I will give him his props….he has met with Kim and Vlad the Putin…I will agree that it is not a bad thing that they met….but without the experts in the same room nothing but niceties were exchanged.

Did you know there was such a political leaning as “Pro-Trump Leftism”?  Really!  No joke!

Some variation of this many-headed hydra of inane analysis is often trotted out to deflect criticism of Trump, typically wrapped in the silky veneer of Facebook radicalism from a number of self-proclaimed leftists. And while liberals knit ever more pussy hats for the inevitable flashmob of political nothingness, a relatively small, yet zealously self-important, segment of the left demands that much legitimate criticism of Trump be viewed as liberal talking points unleashed by the Deep StateTM to scuttle Trump’s long march to peace.

As absurd as it sounds, there are leftists who honestly believe that irrespective of his xenophobia and race-baiting, disastrous trade war and perpetual warmongering against Iran, Venezuela, Big Bird, Colin Kaepernick and Mika Brzezinski’s plastic surgeon, Donald Trump somehow represents a move toward peace globally.

Indeed, because of the Dotard’s doting on Putin, we should all sing hosannas as we erect cheaply made gold-plated monuments in his honor.

Now as an antiwar person I am all for global peace…..but as much as that is appealing I do not see any moves in that direction……instead mix messages are sent through the Twitter machine and nothing is promising so far.

Plus I will not abandon my principles for an outside chance of world peace and for the most part Our Dear Leader is everything I despise about our world today.


7 thoughts on “Pro-Trump Leftists

    1. I fail to see how any self-respecting ‘Leftie’ can support anything to do with a billionaire capitalist, whoever he is.
      Best wishes, Pete. — The Roosevelts, The Kennedys — There have been many overly-wealthy American Presidents and we have gotten along just fine under their leadership. How many people in the UK are in public office who came to their offices as paupers?

  1. As people grow older they generally are known to find more and more things to despise about everything — their government — their home life — their finances — their families — themselves — it is called “Crotchiness” and it comes to us all sooner or later. Moving on. Many older folks become absolute grouches in their declining years. I find myself fighting such tendencies too.

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