Is There An Answer For Gun Control?

Oh boy this title oughta get the juices flowing from one of my readers….of course because I am what some mental midgets call a “liberal” (BTW a term most on the Left detest) they will immediately assume that this is some sort of Leftist diatribe on how to get everyone’s guns……if that is the case then stop here and make a comment that I will tear apart…..or continue to read and see what this post is about……

Babies, concert goers and high school students have been killed in recent mass shootings, but the grip of the NRA and the gun manufacturers on Republican politicians remains firm. In fact, the NRA, gun manufacturers and Republican politicians are hard to distinguish. The gun industry gives millions every year to the NRA in the form of grants and millions more in the form of advertising in NRA publications. In some cases, a percentage of the sale price of guns and ammo goes directly to the NRA. Politicians receive a similar kickback. In the course of their careers, Sen. John McCain has received nearly $8 million from the NRA; Sen. Richard Burr, $7 million; Sen. Roy Blunt, $4.5 million, Marco Rubio, $3.5 million, etc. All of them together, with compliant Republican presidents, have succeeded in creating a Supreme Court willing to change the plain meaning of the Second Amendment from sanctioning a “well armed militia,” to endorsing a nearly universal right to be armed.

If you read the entire article I would like to hear from you…….please let me know your feeling on this……


15 thoughts on “Is There An Answer For Gun Control?

  1. I read the article. It’s proposal is interesting, but scary to think about all those people walking around with guns.

    I don’t think it would work because of the make up of the Supreme Court. Although I don’t know what the positions of the current nominee will be on gun control. It is easy to guess since he is a conservative but we really will not know until he votes. Same is true of Trump’s first apppointee.

    I am familiarity with the history of how the court his ruled on the second amendment and how it has recently changed. I have always had trouble with the language the the militia argument. The first clause notwithstanding the words “shall not be restricted” seem pretty strong and clear.

    I din’t Think there will be any solution to the problem of guns in the US at any time in the foreseeable future. To many people want to own and bear arms.

    I have five guns that I inherited from my dad. I grew up rural, male, and southern. All my dad’s relatives and ancestors had guns and it was part of the culture. Dad was s three time victim of armed robbery. The guns did not help. But he still carried a small revolver.

    1. I agree the solution will take work and damn few are willing to do that….I have a gun in every room in my house and would give them up tomorrow if a solution could be found….chuq

  2. Is ‘arming the Left’ the serious proposal from the piece? If so, it’s an unserious one.

    I’m surprised that it hasn’t yet sunk in, that casting the NRA as the boogeyman, and pretending that the 2A was only intended to be applicable to an organized militia… a losing strategy. Yet, it’s the only currency ever employed.

      1. I’m not sure if I ‘homie’ or not, but the problem isn’t with firearms…it’s with how we raise our children ans hold our society accountable for their actions. Firearms have never been as difficult to obtain as they are today, yet look at the rate of violent acts. Since we’ve become a self-centered, entitled, drive-by, disposable society……the downward spiral is probably irreversible.

        At least we still retain the ability to defend oneself, family and home.

  3. The only thing we need to know about guns and gun control in The United States is this: “Gun interests control the national dialogue concerning guns in this country and as long as they do so, nothing will ever change about the issue.” It would take a massive surge of activism from the grass roots to cause any significant changes and the grass roots is so in love with guns that I expect this kind of thing would never have a change of ever happening.

  4. Arming the Left? I read it all, and can see the presumably well-intentioned argument. But more guns = more shootings and more deaths, on whatever ‘side’. Gun ownership is in the American psyche, as evidenced by other comments, and any interview with a gun-owning American I have ever seen.
    It’s too late. You are stuck with the guns, stuck with the intransigent arguments, and the clinging to some outdated archaic document. Stuck with the mass shootings, random homicides, and everything else associated with the scant control of private gun ownership. And on top of that, you have a president who promised to let you ‘keep your guns’, and suggested arming teachers in schools.
    America is a a gun-crazy nation, obsessed with firearms, and blind to the consequences. Sadly.
    Just a view from a foreigner, I know.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I posted it as an FYI……how some things are not necessarily the issue of one party over another…..that issues should be neutral….but the parties do this to themselves…..chuq

    2. We are stuck with it for now, but I believe the population will become more urban and with that will come a change in our politics. Urbanization will shift us to the left and more toward gun control. That will take years for that to occur but it will in due time.

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