The Big Show Returns

It is Saturday and the World Cup is in full swing….we Americans call it soccer the rest of the world it is Football.  This is when the world’s nations meet and slug it out on the pitch to see which will become the world champion.

The venue is a different country every 4 years….the US last held the Cup play offs in 1994….and the Big Show will return to the US in 2026……

North American soccer fans have something to look forward to beyond Thursday’s kickoff of the World Cup in Russia. FIFA announced Wednesday that the US, Canada, and Mexico had beat out Morocco to play host to the 2026 sporting event, the first to be awarded to three countries and the first featuring Canada as host. The US will see the majority of the action, however, hosting 60 of 80 matches, including the final at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, per the New York Times. President Trump promised athletes would be able to enter the US “without discrimination” ahead of the decision, per CNN. The US last hosted the World Cup in 1994. Mexico hasn’t hosted the tournament since 1986.

Hopefully I will still be above ground to watch the games…..

I have stocked up on good beer and lots of snacks…..I will be watching…..go Iceland!

I have written about the game in the past… is one of the few sports that I can tolerate…..Formula One and Handball are the others that I can stomach.

Have a wonderful Saturday…..I hope you enjoy your day as much as I shall…, snacks, and football….be well, be safe…..chuq


13 thoughts on “The Big Show Returns

  1. Despite the nation obsession with the game here, I have little or no interest in it these days, and will not watch any World Cup games. Ever since the big money got involved, so-called ‘English’ teams are mostly populated by high-priced foreign players. This in turn has seriously damaged the National Team, as the pool of talent they can draw from has almost disappeared. Enjoy your ‘soccer’, chuq. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Big money has invaded all sports….that sucks…..I pull for the underdog mostly… is a diversion from my normal schedule…..I need it from time to time….chuq

    2. Pete I need your help…..I have watched all the mysteries I know on Britbox, Midsommers, Poirot, Morse, Frost….please help….I like s[ies or mysteries do you have any suggestions? chuq

      1. ‘Endeavour’ is a prequel to Morse, and excellent. It was shown on ITV here, not BBC.
        ‘The Night Manager’, an excellent modern crime/murder drama. ‘Vera’ is a cop drama with a difference, set in the north east. The investigator is an elderly female detective, played by the excellent Brenda Blethyn. ‘McMafia’, top class crime and financial drama set in London and Russia. On a lighter note, ‘Hetty Wainthropp Investigates’, a popular series about a female private detective, and ‘Death In Paradise’, a Colombo-style series about a British cop working in the Caribbean.
        Some to be going on with! 🙂

      2. Sir, you have taste!

        beetleypete gives good advice on mysteries.

        “Vera” is an excellent detective! I think you would appreciate it. Not the model type at all, down to earth and good in her job.

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