Cooler weather once again has come around….maybe this time it will stick around longer than a couple of days….we can hope.

I begin my weekend posting with a photo of a potato….I love a baked potato with lots of butter and sour cream but eateries never have a big potato I have to settle for those small ones….but then I saw a great potato at my local grocery…..

It was heavenly!

Enough of the foodie thingy…..we are in the middle of NFL season and we just finished the World Series…..I am not a big fan of organized sports but I do enjoy the guys at Bad Lip Reading…..

First we have the World Series……

Next their take on the NFL…

These guys are genius…..they NEVER stop being funny… is important to start your day with humor…….enjoy!

For me their takes are far more entertaining than the actual sports…..I hope you guys will have a great Saturday and enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Be well, Be safe…….chuq

The Big Show Returns

It is Saturday and the World Cup is in full swing….we Americans call it soccer the rest of the world it is Football.  This is when the world’s nations meet and slug it out on the pitch to see which will become the world champion.

The venue is a different country every 4 years….the US last held the Cup play offs in 1994….and the Big Show will return to the US in 2026……

North American soccer fans have something to look forward to beyond Thursday’s kickoff of the World Cup in Russia. FIFA announced Wednesday that the US, Canada, and Mexico had beat out Morocco to play host to the 2026 sporting event, the first to be awarded to three countries and the first featuring Canada as host. The US will see the majority of the action, however, hosting 60 of 80 matches, including the final at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, per the New York Times. President Trump promised athletes would be able to enter the US “without discrimination” ahead of the decision, per CNN. The US last hosted the World Cup in 1994. Mexico hasn’t hosted the tournament since 1986.

Hopefully I will still be above ground to watch the games…..

I have stocked up on good beer and lots of snacks…..I will be watching…..go Iceland!

I have written about the game in the past… is one of the few sports that I can tolerate…..Formula One and Handball are the others that I can stomach.

Have a wonderful Saturday…..I hope you enjoy your day as much as I shall…, snacks, and football….be well, be safe…..chuq

Afghanistan: Money Well Spent (Yet Again)

Myself, like so many of my fellow bloggers, are always looking for something special to write about on our sites……me?  I try to keep Americans up to speed on the Middle east and Central Asia…..especially sine we are still fighting our longest war ever and all the cash we have pissed away on situations that needed NO cash…….it is embarrassing that we piss away lives but the misuse of cash is just mind numbing……

You know kinda like $60 hammers and $200 Toilet seats and other worthless use of the American tax dollar….and when I thought I had heard it all I read a news article that just made all the disgust for contractors and the like…….

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has revealed another bizarre and ultimately fruitless US expenditure in Afghanistan.

This time it was the State Department, which spent $3.6 million on equipment to gift to Afghan TV stations to upgrade the quality of live sports broadcasts on television there.

A very ambitious chore…..but think about a couple of problems with this logic from the State Department…….Afghanistan has NO national sports teams that I am aware of at this time and at best 20% of the country actually has a TV in their homes… where was the need?

Typical American thinking…..give the Afghans stuff they do not need and probably thought very little of this “problem”……basically we are telling them what they want and need.

My next question is….who convinced the State Department that Afghanistan need this service?  If it is a worthless program why do we keep funding these wastes of money?  And since most of them are failures…..why is NO one responsible for pissing away money we do not have?

I bet we could have found a program in this country that needed that cash to fund it……whatcha think?

2014 Olympics At Sochi, Russia

In honor of the games….I thought I would do a post on the sports and the medals…..okay not really I am just gonna pass on a piece read the other day……

Though the opening ceremonies aren’t until tomorrow, the 2014 Olympics officially kick off today in Sochi—and the Wall Street Journal is ready with its extremely complex medal prediction system, which proved to be accurate to within just a few medals at the last two Olympics. So who’s likely to be the big winner this time around? The Journal predicts Norway will walk away with the most overall medals at 33, followed by the US at 32, Canada at 30, and Germany and Russia at 27 each. As for gold medals, Norway and the US are predicted to tie for the top spot with 13 each. Germany and Canada are also in the top four there, predicted to walk away with 10 and nine gold medals, respectively.

What are the factors at play? Well, consider that Norway has already racked up the most Winter Olympics medals of all time and the most gold medals from the Winter Games. Their athletes are focused on Nordic sports like cross-country and ski jumping: “We concentrate where we can do well,” explains an International Olympic Committee member who organized the 1994 Lillehammer Games. Meanwhile, the US gets a boost from three newly-added competitions in sports at which it excels: snowboarding, freestyle skiing, and women’s ski jumping. But one big problem for the US? Many important athletes are struggling with injuries.

  • A very different model—one that focuses on statistics like a country’s GDP and exports rather than the athletes themselves—predicts the US will win out with 29 medals total, while Norway will only grab 16, Smithsonian reports.
  • And if you’d rather look at betting odds for your prediction, the most recent story on SB Nation says the odds basically agree with the Journal: Norway is favored to be the top gold medal-winner, followed closely by the US, while the US is favored to bring home the most overall medals, followed by Norway.

Regardless who wins or loses……enjoy the sports and the much needed relief from the tacky spectacle that has become modern politics….

R U Ready For Some Football?

Oh wait!  Either I am a bit late or really early.  But what the Hell it is Sunday so go with it……

There’s never been a woman in the NFL, but that’s not stopping Lauren Silberman. Just by trying out at the NFL regional trials on Sunday, she’ll be making history, becoming the first woman to do so, reports the AP. Silberman, 28, has no experience playing organized football, but she did play soccer at the University of Wisconsin, notes USA Today. She secured the invitation to the regional trial after video surfaced online of her making NFL field goals at an exhibition event. “I am working hard to prepare but I am also realistic about my chances,” she says. “I hope my willingness to put myself out there inspires others to seize opportunities and challenges.” Even though the odds are long, NFL punter Sean Landeta gives Silberman credit for competing. “I give her points for giving it a shot,” he says. “She’s obviously following her dream.”

Okay you macho dudes, whatcha think?  After all it is women’s history month.  Women can serve in combat now, why not football?

Gone Fishin’

There are some things that I find too boring for words…..among them are golf and fishing…..but a good many Americans think spending a weekend trying to out think an animal with the brain the size of a pea is sport…….I guess the beer helps justify the waste of time… fisher people spend time looking for the advantage they need to out fox the elusive fish….special rods, reels, lures, equipment, boats….all sorts of expensive crap…….but it could be easier than one thinks……

Source: UK Daily Mail

Sleeping pills may be disturbing river ecosystems by turning fish into greedy, risk-taking loners, say researchers.

Scientists studied the behaviour of perch exposed to a sedative which is carried into waterways through sewage.

The drug, a benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety and insomnia called oxazepam, made the fish bolder and less social.

They left the safety of their schools to forage alone – making them vulnerable to predators – and also ate more quickly than normal.

‘Normally perch are shy and hunt in schools,’ said study leader Dr Tomas Brodin, from Umea University in Sweden.

Full article here

See there is an easier way to fish….there is dynamite, electricity and now……….. DRUGS!

Why Not Darts?

The 2012 Olympics have been a God send for me…….we have one of my favorite sports handball, soccer, which American women are playing almost flawless ball, fencing, which the US has a rising star , a 14 year girl, Lee Kiefer, who will be a super star…that is if she does not discover men….I have seen what that can do to an up and coming star………and the skeet shooter from the US…..she had a 99/100 score which ties Olympic all time record….there is also a 16 year old table tennis phenom that we will hear much about in the future…….so far we are doing pretty good but China is ahead of us in medal count…..but our forte is yet to come…..b/ball and track and field and swimming……..

That was my take on the games in the early days in case my reader had other things to do……but now I have a question……..Who decides what sports will be included in the games?

I mean come on!  I used to wonder  why badminton is included but…..circumcised swimming?  (Pun intend, not a mistake).  Should not the sports reflect the sports that are actually sports?  If you are gonna have circumcised swimming, why not fishing or golf?

Why not darts?  I mean there are more people in the world that sling darts than participate in circumcised swimming……now I see we have a circumcised diving event….and yet darts is ignored…..why?  At no point in my area in the 90’s there were about a 100 teams participating in the different leagues and we are lucky if we have 500,000 people living here….but yet badminton gets to go to the Olympics….why?

I guess darts are out because they are most associated with pubs and such and God forbid that the Olympics be associated with such riff raff……..after all the Olympics seem to be more about marketing than the sport, because we know thrilling we Americans think a dancing horse is….amusing maybe, but a sport?

2012 Thoughts Without Posts #4

There is just so much info out there and we cannot do a post on it all….so I make about a bazillion notes a day and some never make it into posts … I from time to time use some of those postless notes as a post…….

1–Is it really necessary to remake Spiderman already?

2–Does anyone really care about the marital problems of Tom Cruise?

3–How many times can sports announcers use, “Looks like Tiger is on his way back to the top”?

4–The new clothes washing soap that comes in little packets is poisoning children who think it is some sort of candy.  That is a tragedy…..but are Americans so damn lazy that they cannot measure the soap to do clothes?

5–Will the 2012 election ever be about what is best for the people or will it remain what is best for any given party?  2012 is the most bullshit election that I have ever seen!

6–For years unions were blamed for the price of cars (especially by the GOP) but since the recession and all the give backs the unions have done why are cars NO cheaper?

7–GOP is pissed at Roberts for his vote on the ACA….but I thought the court was the political referee and not a partisan institution…..wassup?

8–Is everyone else as sick of the political games as I?

9–When did GLUTTONY become a sport?

It’s Embarrassing!

There are so many things about my state, Mississippi, that is embarrassing….but this one takes the cake…at least for now…..

It is March madness time of the year and B’Ball enthusiast are glued to the TV pulling for their favorite time…..and there was an ugly incident at the Univ of south miss v Kansas State game……K state has a good player in Angel Rodriquez and when he was on the court the band of USM started chanting “Where’s your green card”?

This incident goes along with my post today and my exchange with a loyal reader Terrance of Sibboleth nation (go to blogroll and visit his site whenever possible)…….it illustrates just how much the New south has NOT changed….and these are students in a major university in the state….so how does it bode for the rest of the state?

Apparently these pea brains have not learned that Puerto Rico, where the player was from, is part of this country and therefore he is a citizen…pretty much explains why Mississippi is so low on the educational scale………

This was done on the same day that our newly elected governor signed into law our version of a “show me your papers”  law……….just shows the mentality of those within the state….NOT everyone thinks as they do…but these people were representing the state as well as their school and the NCAA should take action to stop this type of incident from occurring at sporting events……

USM lost that game….kama strikes again!