But Wait! There Is Yet Another Diet

Today is Sunday and Fathers Day….I wish all my visiting fathers a good day with your loved ones……..

If your Fathers Day plans calls for a BBQ with all the fixings…… if so I have a post for you…….There is always another diet for your consideration……

If you are watching your weight (after all it is Summer and bathing suit season) then you have seen or read or heard about the numerous diets that will return you to health and make you slim and svelte (now there is a word that is under used these days)……the Mediterranean diet, South Beach, Paleo, and on and on…..since it is the weekend I thought I would help the confusion by throwing yet another diet out there for your consumption ( pun intended)

The new diet is …..wait for it…..the Nordic Diet……

You already know the basics of healthy eating are pretty darn simple: Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein; skip the crap.

You also know that the best diets aren’t really diets, but lifestyle choices that, over time, allow you to become a walking, talking picture of health.

The most famous one out there is the Mediterranean diet, which is mainly composed of plant-based foods as well as some lean proteins like fish and chicken. But another contender is starting to make headlines recently: the Nordic Diet.


Now that I have given you something to think about…I will go to the garden and feast on fruit, nuts, cheese and wine…..enjoy your day…..chuq


8 thoughts on “But Wait! There Is Yet Another Diet

  1. The food looks good, but it’s also worth noting that those countries have a very high rate of suicide! 🙂
    (Sorry, just a bit of Fathers Day fun…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I like pointing out just how silly all the diets are…..someone is making money off others desire to be svelte(there it is again)…LOL chuq

    1. So very true and that is why I highlight all these diets….eat moderately and exercise….there the million dollar diet…LOL chuq

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