Let’s Go To The Lesson Plan

I have been bitching about the direction our educational system is going…..it sucks.

First, there is an uptick in home schooling basically because of all t3 school shootings parents want their kids safe and they believe that home schooling will give them that safety.  (this is the subject of a future post)

Also I have been reading about just how bad the education has become in some of the private schools….the science is bad, the history is laughable and all other aspects are getting worse with each passing year.

For instance a recent study illustrates why our children are getting dumber……

Some private schools in Florida that rely on public funding teach students that dinosaurs and humans lived together, that God’s intervention prevented Catholics from dominating North America and that slaves who “knew Christ” were better off than free men who did not.

The lessons taught at these schools come from three Christian publishing companies whose textbooks are popular on many of about 2,000 campuses that accept, and often depend on, nearly $1 billion in state scholarships, or vouchers.

At the Orlando Sentinel’s request, educators from Florida colleges and school districts reviewed textbooks and workbooks from these publishers, looking at elementary reading and math, middle school social studies and high school biology materials.

They found numerous instances of distorted history and science lessons that are outside mainstream academics. The books denounce evolution as untrue, for example, and one shows a cartoon of men and dinosaurs together, telling students the Biblical Noah likely brought baby dinosaurs onto his ark. The science books, they added, seem to discourage students from doing experiments or even asking questions.


All in all this is shoddy education and a disservice to the children that want to learn…..there is NOTHING accurate in these textbooks…..

I am glad I was a public education kid…the textbooks may have been old but at least they were as accurate as they could be in those “dark days” of 60 years ago.

These people are helping make a nation of morons.

Our children deserve the best education the society can provide….this story ain’t it.


8 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Lesson Plan

  1. There is a close affinity among “faith schools” it seems. Whether you are Islamic or Christian, “faith school” seems to equate to ignorance. Although of course there are notable exceptions and in the UK we have some excellent schools run by the clergy (mostly Roman Catholic – for example Ampleforth and Downside). My own school (Westminster) is situated in the precinct of Westminster Abbey and has close ties with the Dean and Chapter. But of course these are not “faith schools” as such. They are modern educational establishments which have no religious agenda to push. I am happy to say that most of the christian preachers in the UK are dull, shabby, pleasant old fellows who are happy to put up with atheists such as myself.

  2. Those examples you give are completely scandalous. If this kind of ‘nonsense’ teaching is allowed to continue unabated, the events portrayed in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ will arrive sooner than expected.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I was walking through the living room earlier and hear someone ask on the TV, “Is Congress broken?”
        I couldn’t help but say out loud, “HEY LADY – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?”

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