Closing Thought–02May18

We all know the NRA believe that there should be guns in school and churches and just about any place you can think of……but back during their convention a couple of years a go they banned guns from the convention……I know say what?

Well we could write off that bit of hypocrisy as an accident ……but then when there is yet another bit of idiocy it becomes a case of true hypocrisy….

National Rifle Association members have been told they won’t be allowed to pack heat when Mike Pence speaks at its national convention this week—and the irony was not lost on Parkland school shooting survivors, among others. “You’re telling me to make the VP safe there aren’t any weapons around but when it comes to children they want guns everywhere? Can someone explain this to me?” tweeted former student Matt Deitsch, who helped organize the March for Our Lives rallies. The NRA says “firearms and firearm accessories, knives, or weapons of any kind will be prohibited in the forum” during the vice president’s Friday appearance at the Dallas event because of Secret Service regulations, Slate reports.

An NRA spokesman tells the Washington Post that even in open-carry states like Texas, it is against the law to bring firearms into areas being visited by Secret Service protectees. Parkland student David Hogg has circulated a petition that urges Pence to cancel the appearance, calling it a “slap in the face” to Americans hurting from gun violence. A similar gun ban was in place when President Trump spoke at the NRA’s convention in Atlanta last year. The Hill reports that White House officials have confirmed that Trump also plans to speak at this year’s convention, which is being held from Thursday to Sunday and will feature more than 20 acres of firearms exhibits, according to organizers. (In his 2016 speech to the convention, Trump promised to ban gun-free zones nationwide if elected.)

What happened to the a good man with  gun BS or is it that people that would show up to hear Pence do not fit in the good man scenario?

I love the hypocrisy….but since it is the Repubs and their controller the NRA then it makes perfect sense… I said…I love this sh*t!

20 thoughts on “Closing Thought–02May18

  1. That gave me a god laugh this evening, it really did. No guns at the NRA?
    You couldn’t make it up…Best joke this year, chuq. Thanks for that one.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The ban on being armed is only in relation to the appearance by VPOTUS, and a ban levied by the USSS, as has occurred every other time a POTUS or VPOTUS has appeared at an NRA convention. The NRA has never endorsed carrying firearms at an event where USSS was responsible for security. How is this hypocrisy?

    This is as bad as the false narratives being proffered by the Parkland ‘activists’ and the gun control cabal.

    1. Sorry again I do not see the boogey man of gun control anywhere…….gun ban at any NRA outing is hypocrisy at least to me…..and a bad mouth of kids protesting is not a gun control cabal hiding in the shadows…..that is the biggest fake news around….chuq

      1. It’s not about conjuring boogeymen, which the gun control camp does quite nicely, it’s about facts. And correcting false narratives is not bad mouthing, right?

      2. Not at all……and then we could disagree on what constitute “facts”…..I had log on to add to my previous content….I personal think that no guns should be at any group of people POTUS or a mere mortal…..chuq

      3. Okay not sure in what aspect we are talking about….sorry if I got lost….for me it is ban guns at all mass meetings/protests/etc….not to ban guns completely…chuq

  3. Recall the time when Barack Obama was president and he was in Arizona? There was a rally of some sort and there were gun-toting open carriers at the event.

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