Paul Ryan–A Tragedy

Soon Ryan will “retire” from Congress…..he will depart with a legislative branch in disarray and impotent.

Like a Greek play…our protagonist has gone through a change that has changed him completely.

Paul Ryan from Janesville, Wisconsin came to Washington as a Jack Kemp Republican….these days being such does not mean much because most people have no idea what that means…..Kemp thought that the GOP should, and could, once again be the “party of Lincoln.” Being pro-civil rights was only part of it. It was famously said that Kemp, as a football player, had showered with more African-Americans than most Republicans had ever met. But Kemp also shared Lincoln’s other big idea, that the essence of America was the “right to rise”—for everybody—through talent and effort. Neither Lincoln nor Kemp favored income redistribution, but they both thought government had a role in helping people climb the ladder. Lincoln favored public investment in infrastructure and education. Kemp wanted lower tax rates.

Ryan came to Washington as a young idealist and he will leave a spineless Trump toady….

Paul Ryan came to Congress as a Jack Kemp conservative and will depart as a Donald Trump Republican.

It’s more complicated than that, certainly. History requires nuance and texture. But legacies are reductive by nature. The House speaker announced his retirement Wednesday, closing a messy and mesmerizing chapter in the history of the Republican Party. And for the affable Wisconsin kid who moved to Washington a quarter-century ago, eager to make his mark on fiscal policy, the harsh reality is that he might be remembered more for accommodating the impulses of the 45th president than for crafting a generational overhaul of the tax code.

Kemp and Ryan have on thing in common….neither became president.  Kemp left Congress with a sterling reputation…..Ryan will depart with a reputation that he will be ashamed of for the rest of his life.

Paul Ryan when discussing the House made a statement……”I am very proud of what this Congress has accomplished”……

Seriously?  And what would that be?  What are the accomplishments?

Congress did not accomplish anything on immigration, screwed millions out of health care, nothing on infrastructure, tried to destroy the FBI and CIA, afraid to vote on authority to kill internationally, permanent tax cuts for the wealthy, threat of attacks on Social Security and Medicare……now just what did they accomplish again?

Apparently Ryan has a low bar for the Congress.

7 thoughts on “Paul Ryan–A Tragedy

  1. Lying Ryan. I grew a dislike for him when he ran with Romney for his proclivity to outright lie. W. When I learned, too, that he had a strong affinity for the rants of Ayn Rand, I knew there was nothing in the real world that we would agree on.

    1. He is from the hometown of my fathers family……so I do not like him simply for that….but I agree that he has NO problem looking into the camera lying his butt off. chuq

      1. Though I probably wouldn’t have voted for Romney in any circumstance, that choice for VP pretty much assured it! Same with John McCain and Palin. That VP post choice is a deal maker or breaker for me since we’ve had assassinations and resignations in my lifetime that put VPs in the POTUS spot.

  2. Oops! Hit the enter key by accident. We all know politicians have a way of shading the truth, but Ryan seemed a bit too comfortable passing the exaggeration stage into the outright lie. I’m happy to see him off the main stage for the time being – I have no doubt he will rise again, not better than before.

    1. I agree his BS about spending time with his kids is BS…..why not do it when the kids are small and have time instead just before they go off to college….chuq

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