War: Stop, Think, Save

It is becoming that time of the year when the politicians will be laser focused on the deficit and spending……most conservs will jump on the same programs they always jump on….Social Security and Medicare.

I will agree that this country needs to save some cash but I do not agree that social safety net is the place we need to focused on.

I think there is a place that we can save money and still hold our head high and provide for our citizens…..we could eliminate a couple of unnecessary wars for instance….

When President Donald Trump signed the massive omnibus spending bill last month, he did so fleetingly and reluctantly. He called it a “ridiculous” piece of legislation that made a mockery of Congress as an institution, and he sternly made a promise: “I http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-skeptics/3-wars-trump-should-end-right-now-25251will never sign another bill like this again.”

The only reason Trump swallowed his disgust for the bill was because the U.S. military received a substantial windfall of cash courtesy of the American taxpayer. The 2018 omnibus threw $700 billion into the military’s coffers, a mountain of a figure that the bureaucrats and pencil pushers in the Pentagon never had to work with before.


I know this is a pipe dream for the M-IC will not allow any decrease in their portion of the American Pie……sadl6y we have enough wars on our plate and a reduction in the strain would be nothing but beneficial.


6 thoughts on “War: Stop, Think, Save

  1. Though not a fervent supporter of most entitlement programs [or involuntary ‘safety nets’ where I’ll never see a return nearing my investment], I can’t disagree with what you write. The Defense budget, like other aspects of the Federal government, needs a thorough audit…as waster, fraud and abuse, is still wildly rampant.

    Eliminating dangerous foreign entanglements would go a long way in righting the ship. But sadly, neither major party has shown any desire to do so.

  2. If your budgets are anything like ours, money is never interchangeable between departments. If we stopped increasing out spending on Defence, that doesn’t mean more money is available for Health, and so on. It takes long campaigns here, to get money switched from some form of spending to another.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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