OMG! Will She Ever Shut Up?

Closing Thought–25May18

Another school shooting…..and few seem to care…..what a great country.

Not a month goes by that there is not yet another story about Hillary Clinton…..for Christ sake she lost the election and we are still have to relive the damn thing through her eyes.

I speeches since the voting has has blamed damn near everybody but Miss Piggy for her loss….that is everybody but the one person she should blame….herself.

Her newest excuse was an age old enemy of state….”socialists”…..

Hillary Clinton is incapable of coming to terms with her loss and now finds fault with greedy capitalists who are turning young people into socialists, as Paul Street explains.

Hillary Clinton’s take on “what happened” in the 2016 election is a running tale of victimization. She was the casualty of FBI Director James Comey and of Vladimir Putin and WikiLeaks. She was unjustly loathed by that “basket” of racist, sexist, nativist, and homophobic “deplorables” that is supposedly the American “heartland,” white working-class and rural population – people she recently painted (at an elite globalist gathering in Mumbai, India) as a bunch of “pessimistic,” slow-witted and retrograde losers. She was victimized by Bernie Sanders, who (Hillary complained) wasn’t even a “real Democrat” but had the unmitigated chutzpah to let his primary campaign challenge her prearranged coronation as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

Never mind the series of stupid, arrogant, and largely unforced errors that crippled her uninspiring and policy-bereft insider campaign that was under her command. And never mind her own epic unpopularity before and during the campaign – disapproval earned over her many years of functioning as a cold and transparently elitist Establishment agent of the wealthy corporate and financial Few.

She needs to buck up and place the blame where blame is due….her campaign!

Democrats need to move past her whining….if they are ever to gain the seat of power again they need to find a message and let the scapegoating die.

One more Clinton piece of crap……

he new Wikileaks release shows the then Secretary of State ordering a war in Syria in order to overthrow the government and oust President Assad, claiming it was the “best way to help Israel”.

“The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad,” Clinton forthrightly starts off by saying.

Even though all US intelligence reports had long dismissed Iran’s “atom bomb” program as a hoax (a conclusion supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency), Clinton continues to use these lies to “justify” destroying Syria in the name of Israel.

She specifically links Iran’s mythical atom bomb program to Syria because, she says, Iran’s “atom bomb” program threatens Israel’s “monopoly” on nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

If Iran were to acquire a nuclear weapon, Clinton asserts, this would allow Syria (and other “adversaries of Israel” such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt) to “go nuclear as well,” all of which would threaten Israel’s interests.


Prime example on our foreign policy……it is protect Israel at all costs……

Time for Hillary to just slide off into the dust bin of history.


As The Forces Gather

I have been watching the Iranian/Israel/Saudi/US drama play out and I read something that should make every American think and then shudder at the possibility…..

TomDispatch regular Michael Klare points out, we seem to be on a path to a Third Gulf War. Once again, Iran is the enemy. Once again, as in 2003, a president is surrounded by bellicose advisers intent on just such a war and looking for the right excuse to launch it. And if this doesn’t seem eerily repetitive to you, well, what can I say – except that this little history gives grim new meaning to the adage, often credited to philosopher George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~ Tom

SecState Pompeo is doing what a good warmonger would do….thumping his chest like a crazed primate…..

In a speech at the right-wing Heritage Foundation on Monday that critics said should put to rest all lingering illusions that the Trump White House wants anything other than regime change in Iran, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo outlined a “wildly unrealistic” list of demands that Iran must meet if it wants nuclear talks with America and warned that the U.S. will “crush” Tehran with sanctions if it doesn’t comply.

“Pompeo has not outlined a strategy, but rather a grab bag of wishful thinking that can only be interpreted as a call for regime change in Iran,” Suzanne Maloney, a senior fellow at the Brookings Center for Middle East Policy, wrote on Twitter in response to the secretary of state’s remarks. “This speech could have been given word-for-word by [national security adviser John] Bolton.”

I fear for our young…we are on the road to repeating the mistake of 2003 and the invasion of Iraq and then the occupation that lead to even more destruction and deaths……

“Cry Havoc And Release The Dogs Of War”

The War Of Words

It seems they is all we have going on in this country these days…all the he said, he said…..the silly back and forth while this country slides into yet another abyss…..the trade war is the newest “art of the deal”…….the bluster is good but is any of it true?

President Trump on Monday made the case that his White House is righting years of wrong in regard to China. Beijing “has agreed to buy massive amounts of ADDITIONAL Farm/Agricultural Products – would be one of the best things to happen to our farmers in many years!” he wrote. “On China, Barriers and Tariffs to come down for first time,” went another. And a third took aim at Democrats. “I ask Senator Chuck Schumer, why didn’t President Obama & the Democrats do something about Trade with China, including Theft of Intellectual Property etc.? They did NOTHING! With that being said, Chuck & I have long agreed on this issue! Fair Trade, plus, with China will happen!” The tweets follow days of negotiations between the two nations, though even some of Trump’s supporters are worried that China is getting the upper hand. Details:

  • Dueling statements: Treasury chief Steven Mnuchin said Sunday that the US was “putting the trade war on hold” and ditching the idea of tariffs while talks continue. However, Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer made a point to say that tariffs were still an important tool to “protect our technology.” The Wall Street Journal sees these as “markedly different positions,” adding that the statements punctuate days of negotiations “with a question mark.”
  • China winning? An analysis by Heather Long at the Washington Postasserts that China is winning the trade fight, at least so far. The White House, for example, has been demanding that China reduce the United States’ trade deficit with Beijing by at least $200 billion, but no such specifics were evident in a “noticeably vague” joint statement issued by the nations over the weekend. Also, China may have agreed to buy more US energy and farm products, “but it was almost certain that the Chinese were going to buy more of that stuff anyway.”
  • Criticism: Business Insider rounds up criticism of the weekend developments from Trump allies including Lou Dobbs of Fox Business (“US must export like a superpower not an agrarian developing nation half our size!” he wrote) and former steel industry CEO Dan DiMicco (“Did #President just blink?” he wrote. “China & friends appear 2 be carrying the day.”) Meanwhile, Marco Rubio states flatly that China “is winning the negotiations.”
  • What’s next: With the trade war “on hold,” CNNMoney looks at the big questions still to be answered in ongoing talks, including whether Beijing will seriously address US allegations of technology theft.
  • Biggest threat? A post at Axios argues that China is “thinking long term” with a global strategy, unlike the US. “China is pouring time, money, infrastructure and trade into every continent, after promising to fill the global void created by Trump’s America First,” writes Jim VandeHei, who also faults Congress for having short-term vision. Xi Jinping is positioning China to dominate most of the world’s important industries in the decade to come.

So the “art of the deal” is put on hold while the words continue to fly……is this something learned in the Wharton School?