The Food We Eat

Happy Cinco de Mayo…….leave it to the Mexicans to come up with a holiday for mayo……(humor for the day)…..enjoy a Modelo Negra for me.

The older we get the more we worry about our health and usually your doctor will be on your case to lose weight to get more exercise and eat better.

Every year I put in a garden so that I can trust the veggies I eat….I know they are organic and I do not have to pay the premium prices for being so.

Why is that important?  Maybe this will explain……

The FDA has detected significant levels of glyphosate, a commonly used herbicide, in a wide variety of foods — but it’s unlikely the agency will release these findings to the public.

According to internal documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Guardian and the advocacy organization U.S. Right to Know, in January of last year, FDA chemist Richard Thompson wrote to colleagues: “I have brought wheat crackers, granola cereal and corn meal from home and there’s a fair amount in all of them.

Thompson, who is based in a regional laboratory in Arkansas, warned that the only food that didn’t contain glyphosate appeared to be broccoli.

Enjoy your veggies……

Now most people go on diets….the Atkins or the South Beach or Jenny Craig or the Mediterranean Diet….in all that confusion there are a few items that we eat on most diets…..

There are so many clashing nutrition philosophies in the world, it can make a person’s head explode. I learned this firsthand when I sent my weeklong food diary to two nutritionists with opposing backgrounds and received wildly different feedback from each. (If you’re curious, a holistic nutritionist told me my high-carb vegan diet was so protein-deficient that I was close to death, while a traditional expert told me I was right on track.)

There are shockingly few foods that all nutrition experts can agree on. Some think soy is perfectly healthy; others think it’s poison. Some think fruit belongs in a healthy diet; others think it’s so sugary you should never touch it. Some think dairy is the devil; others think Greek yogurt is the nectar of the gods. I could go on for days.

And then there is the fat in our diets…..according to most medical professionals we need to be aware of how much fat we consume and there seems to be little consensus on fats…..but WHO has set up a guideline……

The World Health Organization is taking on the battle of the bulge, saying that saturated fats should not exceed 10% of your diet. In its first draft guidelines on fat intake, the UN health agency said to avoid piling on the pounds, both adults and children should ensure that no more than 10% of their calories come from saturated fat, per the AP. Saturated fat is found in butter, milk, meat, eggs, and chocolate, among other items.

WHO said only 1% or less of calories should be from trans fat, commonly found in baked and fried foods, processed foods, and cooking oils. WHO’s draft advice largely matches similar nutritional guidelines in Britain and the US. The agency says it will consider external comments before the recommendations are finalized.

I am by no means an expert in the nutrition field and by no means want to tell anyone what to eat…..these links are just FYI.

Bon Apatite,  my friends.

Enjoy your day…I wish everyone well……chuq

Eugene V. Debs

My weekend begins and as usual I have something different to post…..I do not usually do book or movie reviews but I will make an exception in this case.

In my past I was a member and organizer of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and as a member I learned all about the early days of the workers movement of the early 20th century and one of the giants of the labor movement in those days was Eugene V. Debs.

Tuesday was May Day and a new movie was released about the life of Eugene V. Debs and since I live in a jerkwater town in Mississippi it will not show here so I will have to wait for streaming or the DVD.

I did find a good review of the movie in The American Conservative…….

May Day is a workers’ holiday in socialist history, greeted with joy, celebration, picnics and speeches since at least the 1880s. In contrast, and exactly a century ago, May 1918 was a time of trepidation. The government of Woodrow Wilson, reacting to opposition of US entry into WWI, set out to squelch the free speech of antiwar protesters. At the same time, labor struggles had reached a point that threatened the administration, and so Wilson also set out to drive the Socialist Party and the Industrial Workers of the World out of business entirely, if possible.

Imagine the great socialist hero Eugene Debs at this moment. Sixty-two years old and physically worn out, discouraged because the socialist presidential vote two years earlier had fallen sharply from 1912, he nevertheless rallied his energies. He would speak about the horrors of war and the hopes of socialism, no matter the dangers to himself.

If you live where the movie is showing then you should go watch if you like American history and the people that made this country great and see just what the American worker had to go through to get to where they are today.

Time for a breakfast and a walk……TTFN