Closing Thought–09Apr18

Remember Jim Bakker?

He  had a evangelical TV show for years, the PTL Club…that is until he got caught with his drawers down with one Jessica Hahn….then he got nailed to fraud….well he got out of prison and started a new religious scam…..

Anyway I give you this short history lesson because he has weighed in on the Stormy vs Trump thingy……

Squashing accusations that President Trump had a sexual encounter with porn star “Stormy Daniels” while he was married to Melania, televangelist Jim Bakker explained to his audience Friday that he had confirmed that Trump was merely scheduling private time with the woman in a hotel suite in order to share with her the good news of Jesus Christ, as he had become acquainted with her and was very concerned that she was not a Christian.

“It is preposterous to assert that a virtuous believer like Mr. Trump would cheat on his beautiful wife so callously, and while their child was only months old,” a solemn Bakker said into the camera as colorful balloons provided a backdrop for some reason. “He was so concerned with the eternal state of Miss Daniels’ soul that he scheduled some alone time with just the two of them, so he could share with her how Jesus Christ had changed his life and how He could also save her from her sins.”

Nearly choking up with tears, Bakker went on to explain how much he loves and looks up to Trump as a model saint.

“Our president even arranged through his attorney to give this woman $130,000 in an attempt to help rescue her from the destructive adult film industry and get her life back on track. What a man of God!”

The televangelist ended his broadcast by wagering that there were probably “many, many more” sex-industry workers like Daniels who could tell a similarly inspiring story about President Trump.


Can I get an Amen?

AS I have said…the religious right has been silent or supporting Trump during all this sex stuff……to me they have LOST THE MORAL HIGH GROUND!


Its All About Election Tampering

Election Tampering!  The MSM cannot get enough of this situation….it is good for ratings as well as filling dead space……….

A mid-term approaches and there will be more tampering will be in the news…..but such a tactic the US is no babe in arms innocent……

When was the last day that you had when the Russian tampering into our elections was not the lead of the news?  Now when was the last time you heard about the way that US has been tampering in other countries elections?

The point is yes Russia probably tampered in our elections….but the US is not a victim here….we have been tampering since 1948……

Welcome to the latest Washington crisis. The American people are supposed to be petrified at the threat posed by Russian spies who hack our emails, buy ads on Facebook and impersonate Americans in chat rooms. The evil Ruskies have the audacity to use phony websites to divide us over issues of racism and immigration – as if we aren’t perfectly capable of doing that ourselves.


the United States intervened in every Italian election for decades starting in 1948, according to Levin.

Italy had a strong Communist Party, which had spearheaded resistance to the Nazis during World War II. The United States feared that a democratically elected communist government would pull Italy out of NATO and either become neutral or even ally with the USSR. So the United States used any means necessary to keep pro-U.S. parties in power.

We have also been guilty of going in and changing the winners of elections to someone that we can play like a cheap drum….Iran and Chile come to mind quickly.

So you can see that being outraged is silly….Russia did what we have been doing for decades….we are just as guilty.

I love this stuff!

The Iranian Nuke Deal

Now that Trump has nominated a new SecState, John Bolton, the nuke deal that was negotiated by Obama and the P5+1 keeps making the news because the new SecState hates the deal and will work to eliminate it completely.

Let’s look at the nuke deal since Trump has come to be president…….

It looks like the Iran nuclear deal will not survive past May 12. That is the next occasion President Donald Trump will have to end waivers on crippling sanctions against Iran, withdrawing America from the agreement. Unless European allies commit to fixing its main flaws — the sunset provisions, lack of restrictions on Iran’s missile tests and the hampered inspection process — Trump will withdraw.

The president is already setting the stage. He replaced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the most vocal proponent of the deal, with one of its toughest critics, former CIA director Mike Pompeo. Then there is the new national security adviser, John Bolton, who six months ago drafted strategy for getting the U.S. out of the agreement altogether.

Trump has never thought the Iranian deal was a good idea and he is surrounding himself with like minded people…..and in doing so makes it appear as if it is only a matter of time before we pull out of the deal……and when we do pull out what can we expect?

Now that the president of the United States has named John Bolton as his new national security advisor and nominated Mike Pompeo to be the next Secretary of State, we enter the “be careful what you wish for” stage of US-Middle East politics.

These appointments mean that it is virtually certain that sometime in the middle of May, the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. The president has said he was inclined to do this to many including recent visitors from the region. Washington observers like Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair Bob Corker have predicted it. Mr Bolton has frequently called for it.

Expect it to happen. The big question becomes: then what?

Nothing about the elimination of this deal makes it a good thing for the US or the world… is only a matter of time before all this becomes a simmering problem with only one solution.

This Is How To Stop The US Spread

The US spreads its military might a little thin sometimes…..we have so many troops deployed around the world and we need to stop looking for a fight and return to diplomacy.

Recently when news of the arrival of US the West African nation of Ghana the people took to the streets in protest…..

On March 28, 2018 thousands of Ghanaians took to the streets of the capital Accra to protest a deal their government recently inked with US diplomats. Demonstrators came to show their objections to a multi-million-dollar agreement to strengthen military ties between the United States and Ghana. While the agreement is multi-faceted, a dominant theme is opening the door for a strong US military presence in the country. The deal allows American forces to use Ghana as a geographical asset in operations in the region, such as utilizing runways, and also permits the use of Ghanaian radio channels.

Also highlighted in the agreement is more joint exercises with American units. Officials in the country tried to play down the significance of the recent deal, presenting it as merely an extension of a two-decades-long relationship between the United States and Ghana, a West African country that has frequently been a host for bilateral military drills for a variety of nations.

More countries should try this and say NO to more US troops on their soil.