Its All About Election Tampering

Election Tampering!  The MSM cannot get enough of this situation….it is good for ratings as well as filling dead space……….

A mid-term approaches and there will be more tampering will be in the news…..but such a tactic the US is no babe in arms innocent……

When was the last day that you had when the Russian tampering into our elections was not the lead of the news?  Now when was the last time you heard about the way that US has been tampering in other countries elections?

The point is yes Russia probably tampered in our elections….but the US is not a victim here….we have been tampering since 1948……

Welcome to the latest Washington crisis. The American people are supposed to be petrified at the threat posed by Russian spies who hack our emails, buy ads on Facebook and impersonate Americans in chat rooms. The evil Ruskies have the audacity to use phony websites to divide us over issues of racism and immigration – as if we aren’t perfectly capable of doing that ourselves.


the United States intervened in every Italian election for decades starting in 1948, according to Levin.

Italy had a strong Communist Party, which had spearheaded resistance to the Nazis during World War II. The United States feared that a democratically elected communist government would pull Italy out of NATO and either become neutral or even ally with the USSR. So the United States used any means necessary to keep pro-U.S. parties in power.

We have also been guilty of going in and changing the winners of elections to someone that we can play like a cheap drum….Iran and Chile come to mind quickly.

So you can see that being outraged is silly….Russia did what we have been doing for decades….we are just as guilty.

I love this stuff!


21 thoughts on “Its All About Election Tampering

  1. Lots of focus on foreign countries tampering with elections in the US and UK.
    In my opinion, we should be more concerned about our own governments tampering with the votes.
    Best wishes, Pete.,

    1. Agreed. Yet when big media even bothers to touch on the subject of election fraud, it is always framed as a discussion about “voter fraud,” never candidate fraud or party fraud, as if what we’re worried about are the voters…

  2. Makes for good circus to keep the wild beast of General Public in a docile and submissive mood. Something to mindlessly share over a few beers at the local pub where a bunch of drunks sit on stools at bars, drinking their drinks and talking to each other in a constant stream of mindless bull manure. Typical shirtsleeves America! I call it “The All-American OMG Factor.”

    1. People refuse to actually educate themselves…..nope they will believe whatever is told to them by someone they “trust and support”….chuq

  3. I disagree. This is a HUGE deal and America WAS the victim here. It’s certainly not an innocent victim, mind you. It’s fucked around with many an election, including its own (See: Florida 2000). But who loses when an election is fucked with? The people. And not just the people of whatever nation is attacked, but everyone who does (and wants to) live in a democracy.

    To paraphrase a guy The Powers That Be had assasignated….”An attack on Democracy anywhere is an attack on Democracy everywhere.”

      1. Yeah, because neither side US/USSR wants to say it in public. Nor do the private firms involved in election manipulation. There’s big money in such “big money” events.

  4. MSN should learn from the rules in sports, once another play takes place – the foul is null and void – no do over. The election was over a year ago – drop it.

    1. You obviously haven’t been watching sports in a while. Every other damn play is now subjected to 20 minutes of Instant Replay Review.

      If only elections were considered important enough for that kind of treatment.

      1. Sadly, that’s no longer true.

        In the Canuckistan Football League, coaches now get to challenge penalties. I’ve seen a Grey Cup Championship game where a key goal-line play was overturned because Instant Replay awarded a VERY borderline Holding penalty, the kind that gets ignored about every 3rd-4th play. Utterly ridiculous, but true. I’m sure this trend will spread to even Tiddlywinks within a few years. Bad trends spread faster than STDs. (See: playing surface ads & Instant Replay Review itself.)

        NCAA football is rumoured to be considering it too. Currently, it reviews the “player ejection” part of a Targeting Penalty. They actually don’t have to stop play for that. But what’s another 10 minute delay while they try to determine exactly what the player was thinking when he almost decapitated the other player? And this pointless stupidity takes place in a “facility of higher learning”. About time they learned this bullshit is killing all the fun.

        I haven’t watched baseball in 20+ years, but I’ve heard even they have Instant Replay…for some reason. (Probably just because everybody else is doing it, or they want to be taken more seriously.) And that robots have replaced/overrule umpires in calling balls & strikes. Because apparently, baseball wasn’t already slow & boring enough!

        But again, my point is that the comparison displays our society’s misguided priorities. We have to be 100% sure of every single play in a meaningless sporting event, even in an exhibition game. But elections? Ah, who gives a fuck???

        Me? I want to see every motherfucker even remotely responsible for the Florida 2000 debacle hunted down, tried and executed in the most painful way possible. (Granted, I’m not one to let anything go…but still.)

      2. And as you know, they even have Instant Replay in that..and to asses penalties!

      3. Is it used to determine penalties?

        That better be on an air-gapped device. Otherwise, COINTELPRO will get their hands on it.

      1. Hand counted, standardized, paper ballots with clear recount procedures in close votes. Works great in Canuckistan.

        Anything digital, especially networked, is totally untrustworthy. Analogue can’t be hacked. To do so, the Russians must put spies in every polling station capable of 3 Card Monty-ing ballots…not just one room full of Lambo-driving virgins on computers.

        But until it becomes a major issue everyone demands action on, not a damn thing will happen to stop what’s going to happen more & more. (Ask me about about a recently rigged, provincial party, leadership contest in Canuckistan sometime)

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