This Is How To Stop The US Spread

The US spreads its military might a little thin sometimes…..we have so many troops deployed around the world and we need to stop looking for a fight and return to diplomacy.

Recently when news of the arrival of US the West African nation of Ghana the people took to the streets in protest…..

On March 28, 2018 thousands of Ghanaians took to the streets of the capital Accra to protest a deal their government recently inked with US diplomats. Demonstrators came to show their objections to a multi-million-dollar agreement to strengthen military ties between the United States and Ghana. While the agreement is multi-faceted, a dominant theme is opening the door for a strong US military presence in the country. The deal allows American forces to use Ghana as a geographical asset in operations in the region, such as utilizing runways, and also permits the use of Ghanaian radio channels.

Also highlighted in the agreement is more joint exercises with American units. Officials in the country tried to play down the significance of the recent deal, presenting it as merely an extension of a two-decades-long relationship between the United States and Ghana, a West African country that has frequently been a host for bilateral military drills for a variety of nations.

More countries should try this and say NO to more US troops on their soil.


16 thoughts on “This Is How To Stop The US Spread

  1. Why are we expected to be the diplomats, the all-saving army, and the big daddy handing out money? Do these countries ever realize we’d like a little peace? It will get to the point where isolationism will become popular again – and then where will all those dependents of ours be?

    1. “Why are we expected to be the diplomats, the all-saving army, and the big daddy handing out money? Do these countries ever realize we’d like a little peace?”

      Because you guys decided you wanted to rule the world. You wanted to become an Empire. A global empire means….shockingly enough…being involved in every single thing around the globe. That means a massive economic burden and not a moment’s peace.

      If you ever want peace, you’ll have to change your ways. Because as long as you guys keep trying to control everything everywhere, you’ll have other nations getting you to do their dirty work for them…and people hating you everywhere.

      1. Please check your facts. We do not retain territory liberated during wars – so NO empire. But we sure have a lot of people begging for money and soldiers to keep their peace.

      2. Oh, please!!! This Empire Denial is as uninformed as it is self-harming. Admitting you’re an Empire is the 1st step on the road to recovery.

        You say you don’t “retain territory liberated during wars”??? Tell me what the fuck Puerto Rico is then. (aside from a electricity-free pile of rubble). And what are the US Virgin Islands and all the rest They are/were COLONIES of Empire, period! Most of these territories were/have been held for a VERY long time. Hawaii, (fraudulent birthplace of Obama as proven by the election of Trump) is the luckiest of all. Despite great resistance, they alone got to become a state and won rights for their citizens. The other 4 million-ish residents.of American colonies aren’t so lucky. For that matter, all territories taken after the Revolutionary War (ie. everything west of the Appalachians) is a possession of war/invasion that was not handed back. I know America doesn’t like to admit that either.

        Perhaps what you actually mean is that “America doesn’t retain ALL the territories occupied during war.” That’s more accurate. However, America almost always retains military bases in such places…wanted by the locals, or otherwise. (Gitmo, Germany, the Philippines ..oh the list is far too long) Why? To make sure they can reconquer said nations, if need be. But mostly to project American military power around the globe…a key part of Empire. As is the projection of global economic might..examples of which ought to be undeniably obvious.

        You think the US Empire isn’t an Empire? Just the language & attitude alone is that of an Empire. “Manifest Destiny” “Leader of The Free World”. “The sun never sets on the…US bases.” “The (American) White Man’s Burden of rescuing these pathetic nations, always begging for our help.” (Kipling wrote that poem FOR Roosevelt to inspire his imperial instincts)….and the modern favourite… “American Exceptionalism”. These are all just examples of the kind of self-aggrandizing, PR bullshit, Empires use to justify their actions.

        So next time you complain about all these pathetic loser nations asking for help…pick up your White Man’s Burden….or drop the Empire.

      3. Yeah, sorry. But this kind of denial is ultimately responsible for the very problem being complained about. These kind of statements just can’t go unchallenged. Nearly all of America’s international (and budgetary) problems stem directly, or indirectly, from the reality of running an Empire.

        To be fair, The Powers That Be have done a GREAT propaganda job on the American public. Top shelf. But it’s time to wake the hell up and join a 12 Step program before it’s too late.

  2. The only upside, if I can allow myself to be optimistic… that we have a current demographic that not only has a background of military service, but also a skillset in local/tribal diplomacy, since the military has been placed in that role in many cases the world over. Best case scenario is that this experience provides a solid education on which application works best when and where.

    Now we just need the best of that demographic to enter public service and bring some sanity to our national endeavors.

    1. I gave them my name in 2016 and once I saw what was happening I withdrew my desire to work for the State Department….we have amateurs play God and this will bite us where the sun don’t shine….chuq

  3. And when we make sure there are none of our troops on their soil, let us also make sure there is none of our money in their pockets!

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