The Iranian Nuke Deal

Now that Trump has nominated a new SecState, John Bolton, the nuke deal that was negotiated by Obama and the P5+1 keeps making the news because the new SecState hates the deal and will work to eliminate it completely.

Let’s look at the nuke deal since Trump has come to be president…….

It looks like the Iran nuclear deal will not survive past May 12. That is the next occasion President Donald Trump will have to end waivers on crippling sanctions against Iran, withdrawing America from the agreement. Unless European allies commit to fixing its main flaws — the sunset provisions, lack of restrictions on Iran’s missile tests and the hampered inspection process — Trump will withdraw.

The president is already setting the stage. He replaced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the most vocal proponent of the deal, with one of its toughest critics, former CIA director Mike Pompeo. Then there is the new national security adviser, John Bolton, who six months ago drafted strategy for getting the U.S. out of the agreement altogether.

Trump has never thought the Iranian deal was a good idea and he is surrounding himself with like minded people…..and in doing so makes it appear as if it is only a matter of time before we pull out of the deal……and when we do pull out what can we expect?

Now that the president of the United States has named John Bolton as his new national security advisor and nominated Mike Pompeo to be the next Secretary of State, we enter the “be careful what you wish for” stage of US-Middle East politics.

These appointments mean that it is virtually certain that sometime in the middle of May, the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. The president has said he was inclined to do this to many including recent visitors from the region. Washington observers like Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair Bob Corker have predicted it. Mr Bolton has frequently called for it.

Expect it to happen. The big question becomes: then what?

Nothing about the elimination of this deal makes it a good thing for the US or the world… is only a matter of time before all this becomes a simmering problem with only one solution.


9 thoughts on “The Iranian Nuke Deal

      1. Israel is playing with fire…they need to butt out and just focus on killing protesters…..something they do often….chuq

      1. This just came in…& the adds 😦
        Rampage in Douma: Civilians storm rebel warehouses, discover huge quantities of food, aid [+ Video] via @thearabsource

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