A Bidet Along The Way

IST tries to be informative as well as educational….so in that vane I thought I would tackle a bathroom fixture.

There is an international restroom fixture that we Americans cannot seem to grasp….the BIDET.

What the hell is a Bidet?

Essentially, there are two types of bidets. The standalone one – it’s a washbasin that you use to clean your genitals and anal area after using the toilet, which you have to clean after and the add-ons……

We Americans usually take something then turn it into a unique form of Americanism….however the Bidet has never been embraced by Americans…..why is that exactly?

“It’s been completely Americanized!” my host declares proudly. “The bidet is gone!” In my time as a travel editor, this scenario has become common when touring improvements to hotels and resorts around the world. My heart sinks when I hear it. To me, this doesn’t feel like progress, but prejudice.

Americans seem especially baffled by these basins. Even seasoned American travelers are unsure of their purpose: One globe-trotter asked me, “Why do the bathrooms in this hotel have both toilets and urinals?” And even if they understand the bidet’s function, Americans often fail to see its appeal. Attempts to popularize the bidet in the United States have failed before, but recent efforts continue—and perhaps they might even succeed in bringing this Old World device to new backsides.


Now that I have introduced some to apiece of restroom equipment the question now is…how do I use this?

Proper use in 10 steps…..


Your education is now complete…..you are a Jedi.


Aliens, Bigfoot, Illuminati–Oh My

Some of brethren seem to prefer to chase conspiracies and fairy tales…..and I ask to what end?  DO most Americans care if our original ancestors were here in a space ship?  Will that prove exactly what?

A while back I wrote a post on the Illuminati and I have been getting Spam ever since telling me how my life will change bu embracing the Illuminati……the BS spread kinda sounds like the crap from those Scientology freaks…..

There is TV show after TV show about some of these “challenges” to our world….aliens, Bigfoot and the Illuminati….if you listen to these people then our world is nothing but a petrie dish of “Fringe Science”……we are nothing other than an experiment by other worlders…..

Our world these days is full of conspiracy theories about this or that…..but ask yourself….do these conspiracies hold up?

I am of the view that incompetence, random error and sheer complexity explain most of the mistakes and strange events in our world, and that we shouldn’t readily jump to conspiracy theories. I’m pretty sure Neil Armstrong did walk on the moon, and still inclined to think (although not certain) that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, there is no Bigfoot and aliens have not recently visited humans on Earth.

This exercise is not merely to pile up arguments for what you believe, but also to consider how and where you might be wrong. I recently raised this question with a few friends: Which is the most underrated conspiracy theory? Even if you think conspiracy hypotheses are all likely to be false, which one is most plausible — at least relative to the probabilities assigned by the intellectual and media mainstream.


I begin my Saturday and my couple of days of rest from the silliness we call politics here in the US.

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend……..chuq