Your State’s History

Do you know the defining moment in history for your state?

According to the link below this is the defining moment in Mississippi’s history…..

> Event: Lynching of Emmett Till
> Year: 1955
> Location: Money

The lynching of 14-year-old African American Emmett Till shocked the nation and served as a catalyst for the civil rights movement. Till, a Chicago resident, was visiting relatives in Mississippi. He was kidnapped and killed after white residents in the town of Money claimed he whistled at a white woman. When Till’s body was found it was grotesquely disfigured and his mother chose to have an open casket at his wake to show the world the horror of the crime. There was a trial and the accused murders were acquitted by an all-white, male jury. In January 2017, Timothy Tyson, author of “The Blood of Emmett Till,” said the woman whom Till allegedly made advances toward told him she lied about the incident.

This was one of the defining moments of the Civil Rights movement but there are a couple of other events that defined Mississippi more…..

The establishing the Republic of West Florida in 1810 or the capture of Aaron Burr accused of treason in 1807…..Burr  was arrested in Mississippi Territory…….

Check out your state and let me know if you agree with the link…..

Most Important Historical Event in Every State


You Are What You Eat

Seriously?  Easter on April Fools Day?  The jokes will write themselves…….I will stop here before some one decides to think that I am anti-religion (they would be accurate in most cases)……..

My Sunday and I am in the process of deciding what I will consume today…..a decision most of us make.  Some of us are on diets which is a good thing and some of us are trying this diet or that….but truly which diet is the best?

A question that we all have asked from time to time…..and the answer is….who f*cking knows?  Since there has never been an accurate study of these fads side by side.

I have this lady friend who goes from one fad diet to another….from drinking butter in her coffee to a steady diet of walnuts and she is always having one health problem after another and cannot understand why because the diets promise a long healthy life.

The big things these days is the “Paleo” diet……food our cave dwelling ancestors would have eaten…..some say it is a miracle….(btw I do not endorse one diet over another and I get NO compensation by offering these alternatives)

It’s beyond strange that so many humans are clueless about how they should feed themselves. Every wild species on the planet knows how to do it; presumably ours did, too, before our oversized brains found new ways to complicate things. Now, we’re the only species that can be baffled about the “right” way to eat.

Really, we know how we should eat, but that understanding is continually undermined by hyperbolic headlines, internet echo chambers, and predatory profiteers all too happy to peddle purposefully addictive junk food and nutrition-limiting fad diets. Eating well remains difficult not because it’s complicated but because the choices are hard even when they’re clear.

I have read many blogs about diet and losing weight…it seems that there are a wealth of experts on the subject and it might all be as simple as “when” you eat not a whole lot else……

It’s beginning to look like a concept called TRF—or, time-restricted feeding—is going to be around for a while in the arena of diet and nutrition. The Washington Post has a feature on it, while the Wall Street Journal and others have covered it previously. The idea is surprisingly simple but backed up by a growing body of research: It’s not so much what you eat as when you eat. More specifically, TRF suggests people should do all their eating in a 12-hour window, though research suggests they’ll get more benefits if they can shrink that to, say, an eight-hour window. One of the lead researchers on the subject is Satchin Panda of the Salk Institute in San Diego, who thinks that humans aren’t built to handle 24-hour access to food and the constant grazing that often results.

“If you’re eating all the time, it messes up that pattern,” he says of our circadian rhythm. His first studies on mice showed a range of health benefits—weight loss, less diabetes, etc.—and follow-up studies on humans seem to support the concept. Another researcher, Courtney Peterson of the University of Alabama, will report in a soon-to-be-published study that men diagnosed as pre-diabetic saw marked improvement after restricting their eating to between 8am and 2pm. Exactly how TRF results in benefits remains a little unclear, but in broad strokes, the body seems to better metabolize calories this way. “I think that within 10 years we will have some really clear guidelines for meal timing,” says Peterson. “But we are in the early stages.” Other researchers are more cautious, with one noting that it’s “extraordinarily complex to actually nail this down.” (Bad news on yo-yo dieting.)

Me?  I eat a balanced diet….meat, potatoes, greens, etc….I eat lots of eggs, cheese, honey, nuts, fruits and wine……I am old fashion….I do not push one diet over another and would never tell anyone to eat as I do……our bodies are complex and it needs a proper diet so all systems are fed and work as they were intended.

If one is constantly changing diets then the body is not getting the nourishment that it needs….

Be well, be safe……chuq