A New Troll Farm

First of all, what the Hell is a “Troll Farm”?

Troll Farm, n…….an organization whose employees or members attempt to create conflict or disruption in an on-line community by posting deliberately inflammatory or provocative comments.

Now what does this have to do with anything?

US State Department announced that it had obtained $40 million from the Pentagon to fund a new propaganda and disinformation campaign through the “Global Engagement Center.

While the Global Engagement Center was initially conceived of as resisting foreign propaganda efforts, the new funding is set to be invested in going “on the offensive” in global propaganda war with America’s own disinformation campaigns.

The US, of course, is no stranger to engaging in overseas propaganda efforts, but the inexorable nature of global information sharing in the modern era means that such US propaganda always risks misinforming the US public.

Congress has approved the offensive on the grounds that it be used to “counter Russia.” In practice, this likely means much of the funding will be used to try to skew global perception of Russia even more hostile than it already is.

Yet setting up and funding this troll farm so publicly is highly risky, both because the US has a history of laughingly embarrassing failures in online narrative management, and because in publicly going after Russia, they risk as strong backlash.


A lot of words to say that the State Department will be participating in the whole new world of “Fake News”.

Basically this is going to wind up being a waste of $40 million of taxpayer money.


3 thoughts on “A New Troll Farm

  1. Troll Farms, Facebook Fiddles, Cambridge Analytica, Fake News, Foreign Interference, Government bias in the press. Is it any wonder that so few of us believe in almost nothing these days?
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The Russians have a natural advantage with this. Because American culture already promoted “aggressive social competition”, even before the Web-pipes turned us all into 24/7 digital gladiators. Just like on Jerry Springer, all you got to do is ring a bell.

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