It’s The Second, As Always!

The mass shootings lately, 18 of them so far in 2018, has  Americans yelling and thinking about the 2nd amendment…..this amendment to the Constitution has its uses…..

What about the days of the Founding Fathers, this is where the amendment came from……

In the days since the tragic murder of 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, the number of people clamoring for tighter restrictions on the right to purchase or otherwise obtain a firearm crescendos daily, sometimes hourly.

Of course, those familiar with the Second Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America (that is the official name) would never support such tyrannical proposals, particularly those well-versed in the nearly 1,000-year history of the Anglo-American protection of the right of self-defense.

There is an urgent need for Americans to refamiliarize themselves with the wisdom of the Founding Fathers on this topic, as well as the wisdom of those writers whose words inspired and informed our Founders.

So many claim that the 2nd is what keeps our politicians honest….(pause here for laughter)….our reps are just as corrupt with or without the 2nd in place…..with that in mind…….

As the subject of the Second Amendment reenters the public discourse, the question of whether or not the right to keep and bears arms is an effective deterrent against tyranny must be examined. In the days of drones, fighters, and tanks, what good is a semi-automatic rifle? This question is typically posed by those who envision pitched battles between US Army forces and rebels. That isn’t how wars are fought anymore. Any uprising in the United States would be in the form of an insurgency. During an insurgency all of those high tech toys aren’t government assets, they’re insurgent assets. This doesn’t imply US soldiers would defect en masse to the rebels.

I guess goes along with that quote that has been attributed to Jefferson about the tree of Liberty and the watering with blood….or something like that……

(I expect the readership to go up because my more right wing brethren will have lots to say when it comes to the gun thing)


6 thoughts on “It’s The Second, As Always!

  1. Nothing keeps our politicians honest….

    The piece regarding insurgency is quite valid though, but improbable tyrannical governments aside, I’m happy that the 2A guarantees my right to self defense with tools commensurate with the threat.

    1. I have in the 2nd but I do have trust in constitutional bandits that will attack the amendments they do not like….then some will retaliate and so on and so forth……chuq

  2. Self-protection makes sense, to some degree. The “insurgency” thing is pretty much total nonsense. As I often said… if anyone in this country wants to take up arms against the government it’s going to be millions of guns in this country with different fingers on those triggers, all with their own idea how THEY want to fight, and they want no one to tell them how, when, and why to pull a trigger in any form of organised resistance or strategic objectives. Everyone will want to grab their backpacks and run into the hills to act like some dumb-ass “Red Dawn” guerrilla bunch with no one telling them what to do or what to shoot at… because. after all, conservatives hate “elitists”, like anyone with the capacity to lead.

    1. Oh Pete you would get an argument from several quarters…..if it is to be updated then the whole Constitution needs to be also….chuq

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