Closing Thought –15Mar18

With these latest shooting there is yet another debate/conversation going on about the state of our mental health problems…..and our new president has shown the value of the social media in the world of politics…..he has illustrated just how one person can lead the conversation in the direction that they desire…..

There is also many stories about how the society is suffering at the hands of social media… it feeds some people’s mental illness…..

Since the advent of social media, in the past decade, information about people’s lives has become increasingly accessible in the public sphere. Especially in the past year, new story features in popular social media platforms have allowed people to broadcast their lives to the world in real time, with updates by the second and renewed in a mere 24 hours. On one hand, these changes have allowed society to be more inter-connected than ever and the world has consumed it on a large scale. On the other hand, the broadcasting of our lives in real-time has also caused a worldwide mental health problem.

In the United States, Ashawnty Davis killed herself after a video of her in a schoolyard fight went viral on the app Davis was just 10 years old. Less than a week later, Rosalie Avila hung herself after receiving abusive online messages. This time, the child was just 13 years old.

It is an international problem……here in the US it is getting out of control…..but is there any way to stop the rise in this mental illness?

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7 thoughts on “Closing Thought –15Mar18

  1. Social media use by children is very worrying. It is so easy to become an online bully, not having to face the consequences of your actions. And there is an inherent cruelty in children, which is enabled by the easy access to apps and messaging services that appear to have little or no control over content. The only answer I can see lies with the parents. They should not provide such young children with the devices used to spread such malicious communication. Wait until they are old enough to understand the repercussions of what they are doing.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Mt granddaughter did not start social media until she was 14 and after me telling her what not to do… nothing personal and no photos of self….chuq

  2. If you give your kid a stupid-phone, I think Children’s Aid should take your kids away.

    Even before Al Gore invented it, the Interwebs was a place for losers to go to and throw shit on people they’ll never ever meet. Today, we’re all losers now. Countless millions of people (Nobody here, of course.) spend half their day harassing/insulting/attacking people who -often through no fault of their own- (other than making the mistake of going on-line) just happened to have drawn the attention of the wrong person. (aka the average person)

    Up until the New Millennium, a bully used to have to:

    1) Make physical contact with a victim in a location where bullying could take place. School yards, variety stores, hockey rinks, etc. But there were always plenty of safe places. If you didn’t leave the house, you’d be fine. Bullying often built character and good study habits.

    2) The bully actually had to be able to issue a beat-down to their victims. The vast majority of today’s bullies wouldn’t last 15 seconds as a pre-Internet era bully.

    Now, anybody from anywhere can attack anybody at anytime. Today, If you know how to operate a computer/cellphone, you can harass somebody you’ll never even be on the same continent with, never mind see in person. Hell, the victim doesn’t even have to be aware it’s going on. (ie hacking a 3rd party’s account, or Target, or a Credit Score site) It’s like COINTELPRO out there!

    There are websites that, for as little as $4 a month, any idiot can stalk anyone. You can find their home, phone number, e-mail, income, neighbour’s income…a virtual phone-book of personal details (accurate, or otherwise.) And if you’re any good, you can hack every digital device they own, fuck with it…track them in real time, etc. Basically, nothing is off limits. There are no safe places.

    And another important change is that the bullies now have cheering audiences of millions at their disposal. Countless websites are devoted to showing -and making money off- the most embarrassing moments of peoples lives….for forever.

    No longer can you grow up, get a great job, and smile when you drive past your bully standing in line outside the Welfare Office. No. Today, wherever you go for the rest of your life…you will ALWAYS be known as “The loser who shat into a potted plant at the mall”. As such, people will be able to shit on you… your perceived race, etc, without knowing a single fact about you..

    1. I would up to a certain age…my granddaughter is 14 and want her to able to call me if there- is something wrong…..there is an age when a phone is necessary…..chuq

      1. Perhaps, if you can limit them to “un-kewl”, phone-only, phones with say…60 minutes a month. (If a parent can get a teenager to talk to them for more than 2 surly minutes a day, that’s a major accomplishment!) Anything more is “more than necessary actually needs” and acts as the thin edge of the wedge. Those little Mini-Me bastards…you give them a millimetre and they’ll take a marathon. Gotta show ’em who the Top Dog is at all times! (He-he)

        And there are still payphones around. After all, how did hundreds of millions of kids like us ever survive without a digital leash? America was built on Rugged Individualism, blah, blah,blah, etc…Despite spending most of my life enduring rural Canuckistan winters, I’ve never had a mobile and I’m still alive in 2018….unfortunately.

      2. Payphones are disappearing and if there is some pervert trying something and she has her phone she is safer that looking for a damn payphone….I have a mobile for it is cheaper per month thn land line…..chuq

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