Heroes Of The Philippines

There are always stories about our wars that seldom get told…..these are some of those stories……

MacArthur’s Spies by Peter Eisner recounts how three individuals played a significant role in the resistance against the Japanese occupation in the Philippines during World War II.  The book shows how heroes come from many backgrounds: a singer, a soldier, and a spymaster.  As the Greatest Generation dies off, written accounts such as this are a reminder of how ordinary people can become extraordinary by putting themselves in danger to help others survive and achieve victory.

The emphasis of the book is on the American singer Claire Phillips, who opened a nightclub in Manila catering to Japanese officials and officers.  She and those who worked for her gathered information that was passed on to the allies.  In addition, she provided food, supplies, and medicine to many of the allied POWs and citizens interned in the camps.  Given the code name “High Pockets,” she met with guerrilla fighters to inform them of Japanese military plans, and by all accounts, she gave credible intelligence reports.
History is fascinating and we should suck it all in for most of the WW2 vets are dying and soon there will be NO one to tell their stories….and when that happens that part of our history will disappear.

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