Closing Thought–06Mar18

Sensationalism at its best!

Another chapter in the sexual prowess of the president…..well maybe not so much as a arrested hooker that says she has info and will trade….she will tell her story for a little freedom…..she may be a good source for Mueller because she was the bed mate of a couple of the Russian oligarchs that are in question……

A Belarusian social media star is hoping to trade information she says links President Donald Trump to the Kremlin for her release from a Thai prison on sex charges.

Anastasia Vashukevich, who has become internationally famous in recent months for her racy selfies, was jailed in Thailand for offering sex lessons without a permit, reported the Associated Press.

The self-described “mistress” of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska was arrested with nine other Russians and Belarusians after officials received complaints about the $700 weeklong class and raided the meeting.

Vashukevich, who calls herself Nastya Rybka on her Instagram account (, told the AP that she fears for her life and wants to trade information in the Trump-Russia probe for her own safety.

There is a rat under every rock.  But beyond that fact that this young lady wants to trade information for freedom there is something that caught my eye in this story……this woman was arrested for offering sex lessons without a permit…..think about that for a minute.

I think this is just too convenient…..who is she really shopping her story to?   Take a pass……this is not something we need to get sucked (no pun intended) into.

Let’s call it a day….enjoy your evening……smile and laugh as often as you can……chuq


12 thoughts on “Closing Thought–06Mar18

  1. That’s ‘rubbish news’, and stinks of a set-up. Your media over there really needs to start sorting the wheat from the chaff, chuq. If anyone believes this rubbish, I despair…
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I thinks I got me wonna them permits…yeah, signed by the Minister of Sex, Bangkok Thailand. Me and David Carradine got ours together. Fun times. Fun times.

  2. There is no end to the Leftist’s obsession with Trump and the Russians is there? They will go to any lengths to keep the fantasy and the witch hunt going, such is their disambiguation.

    1. First of all Trump has admitted to the Russian thing….second the obsession thing…no more so than the Right with Bubba in the 90’s and Obama…that is American politics now….cowardly and feeble. chuq

    2. To be fair, (aside from some Merry-Lago time) it’s not as if Trump remains “low-key”. That’s his shtick, his strategy, to make everything about him. He doesn’t rant in The Twit Zone at 4AM while on the shitter just because he’s constipated. It’s to ensure everyone’s day starts off talking about what he said during his morning dump.

      Idiots that we are, (Lefty-elites included) we fall for it every time. Like how Lucy pawns Charlie Brown with the field goal kick.

      1. I don’t read too many Tweets because they never say enough for me to understand exactly what they are talking about. Thanks for commenting.

      2. Good for you. Stay out of The Twit Zone. (I never go there and do my best to ignore anything that comes from there.)

        But it does explain how you… I dunno… “don’t get” the obsession with Trump. He’s sets leg-hold traps every day…knowing that everyone will step in it and spend the rest of the day chewing their own legs off trying to escape. He just instinctively knows how to froth us up, in order to dominate the agenda, the media, his detractors and supporters.

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