Closing Thought–21Feb18

What is the first rule of fight club?  Surely you have seen this “dude” flick.

In the last couple of years the rise in alt-Right Fight Clubs has been rising.

Anastasia Yankova, a Russian model-turned-mixed martial artist who has appeared in a Nike commercial, was a month away from her professional debut when she took to Instagram to post a cartoon of Adolph Hitler. In the image, Hitler is seated on a window ledge, looking down with weepy-eyes on a dreary, overcast sky. “Matches my mood,” Yankova wrote.

“Aryan sadness?” asked a commenter.

“Only the weather and the restriction of carbohydrates,” she responded with a purple devil emoji later that day, September 2, 2013.

It seems that white supremacists are more and more learning missed martial arts fighting in preparation for the coming race war…..think about that for a moment…….

A coming war……Karate and boxing against bullets……good possibility they, the alt-Right, needs to re-think their strategy.

With that piece of advise……I take my leave…..chuq


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