Iran In Syria

Syria has been in the news for bout 7 years now…..the war on ISIS was all consuming…then there were the various factions fighting this group or that….then there are the reports that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is on the ground in Syria in aid to the Assad regime.

Over the weekend I read a report that made me chuckle (not that the death and destruction in Syria is all that humorous….I chuckle at the balls of the US)……

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson yesterday called on Iran to withdraw its troops and allied militia from Syria.

“We are quite concerned about the recent incident involving Israel and Iranian assets inside of Syria. And I think this again illustrates why Iran’s presence in Syria is only destabilizing to the region,” Tillerson said during a press conference in Amman.

Speaking alongside Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, he added that “Iran needs to withdraw its military, its militia from Syria, and allow a hope for the peace process to take hold in Geneva.”

He added that the United States has a sophisticated plan for peace in the Middle East, which has been under development for several months and is now in advanced stages.


The chuckle is that the US tells Iran to remove its forces from Syria….while the US forces are free to stay…..Syria is a sovereign country and I do not recall Damascus inviting the US to station troops and fight within the borders of Syria.

So Iran must go but US is free to stay…..

Then there is Tillerson stating that the US has a sophisticated peace plan….seriously?

That will be news to the world if it were true… guess that it is bullsh*t……

I do enjoy amateurs like Tillerson attempting foreign policy….this is so much crap on a cracker……the US has not had a plan in 7 years so having one now is a bit of a stretch.

Can anyone guess the reaction of Iran to this situation?


10 thoughts on “Iran In Syria

  1. I find it odd that the very people we saved during WWII are the ones that now think we’re arrogant for combating injustice and tyrannical regimes.
    Personally, I want our troops to come home too, but can’t we get a little thanks once in a while?

      1. I hope you are mistaken….deep down I know you are right…..people like my granddaughter will be activist and I believe that they will make a difference….too bad I probably will not see it….chuq

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