Closing Thought–19Feb18

I have been called an apologist by some of my right wing brethren….still not sure why….but that aside anything I write about Fearless Leader and these same brethren make excuses for the actions of their bromance, Trump…..does that not make them the apologist?

Moving on…….

Pres. Trump has lied tooth and nail to his supporters and they take it without the lube to make it less painful…..

What am I talking about?

Lots like the companies that announced the big bonuses after the signing of the new tax cut bill…..AT&T, Comcast, et al fired workers just before Christmas….for one example…..

Others?  Certainly!

Trump is all about American workers right?

Trump’s hotels and resorts are not hiring Americans to fill their seasonal job vacancies, despite his rhetoric about “America first.” Since he was inaugurated, none of the seasonal jobs at his resorts have been filled by Americans.

Vox reports that in an analysis of filings that the Trump Organization made with the U.S. Department of Labor between 2016 to 2017, only one American worker was hired — in August 2016 — for the 144 open positions for servers, cooks, housekeepers, and bartenders.

The remaining 143 positions were taken by foreign guest workers who were granted H-2B visas.

Most of the jobs included in the survey were at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida resort where he has spent a majority of his weekends since he took office. Also included were the Trump National Golf Clubs in Briarcliff Manor, New York, and Jupiter, Florida.

Apparently putting American workers first does not apply to his properties.

There is more…..

The Trump 2019 budget craps on factory workers …remember them?

President Donald Trump has promised that dying American industries and factory towns will come “roaring back” under his presidency. But if his budget proposal for 2019 is any sign, his administration won’t do much to make that happen.

In the budget plan released Monday, the Trump White House proposed slashing more than $300 million in spending on some of the few federal programs meant to boost manufacturing in distressed communities — the same industrial towns in decline that turned out heavily for Trump. The White House had proposed the same thing last year, though Congress kept most of the funding in place for 2018.

Trump’s administration wants to end key economic development programs run by the Department of Commerce. The budget calls for the Commerce Department to completely eliminate the Economic Development Administration (EDA), which, among other things, provides grants to help American manufacturers compete with global competitors. The administration also wants to do away with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which helps funds manufacturing innovation centers in every state and Puerto Rico.

Just a couple of example of what a lying piece of fecal matter this president is…..I will leave it there and await the excuses from his supporters with the built in knee pads.

Time to go and wait for the attacks and insults….after all that is what this bromance does… I expect them to follow suit.



8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–19Feb18

  1. Other than perhaps market share..(and there’s increasingly less “market sharing” going on) The number one priority of corporations in the New Millennium is to un-employ as many of their employees as possible…offshoring, self-service, automation. Technology is all about un-employing people. People are the enemy of profit.

    Sometimes, they get rid of even MORE employees than possible. For example, a local foodstuff plant owned by a major corporation making major profits closed a local plant. It was one of best, most modernized, product-flexible, plants they own and had over 100 years of profitable operation in a row. This plant recently employed over a thousand workers. Why close this plant? Because it was unionized and workers got a buck-or-two more an hour.

    Oddly enough, it turned out they actually needed this plant. Because in the final months of operation, they had to re-hire hundreds of workers to keep pace with (ordinary) product demand…Yet they went on to shut the plant at year end anyway, even after paying some re-hires overtime to keep it running full blast until closing day. Obviously, they saw the folly of their own action, but did it anyway. Why? Because of multi-million year-end executive bonuses and the stock-price bump recognizing “a job well done” in getting rid of employees…who were actually still needed at a plant that was still profitable!

    A TV news report caught up with ex-employees on the 1st anniversary of the needless closure. Politicos were scrambling to re-purpose parts of the giant factory (result: 20-ish precarious jobs) Half of the ex-employees were still unemployed. Not one was earning even half of what he used to, despite each having decades of high-end experience. Minimum wage jobs were all they could find. If I recall, the “best-off” guy was part of the maintenance staff.

    But who needs potential customers with incomes anyway? Naive, idealistic, “losers of history” like Henry Ford, that’s who.

    1. People confuse the markets with the economy….not necessarily the same….Trump has lied and his supporters with knee pads allow it and make excuses for the lies.

      1. Yeah, “the economy” & “the market” are a lot like “sports” & “sports betting”. Far too much blending of both has been going on.

        If it wasn’t always the case, certainly the motives of modern corporations is to destroy whatever public “benefit” to letting them exist in the first place. (Sometimes corporations even “self-harm”.) Examples are endless, so commonplace they aren’t even noticed anymore. Just a couple examples:

        1) You shit-can employees and your stock price jumps, guaranteed. My above comment is the perfect example. That foodstuff company needed that plant, but shut down to reap bonuses and get a stock-market bump. Their ability to make product and income was seriously curtailed for short term gain. Meanwhile It hammered the local community it was in for 100+ profitable years, a community that was very loyal to its products when several other options were easy to find. And that was just one of 3 large, profitable, factories to be closed in the city that year.

        2) The trade-off has always been that private corporations reap profits, but supply jobs and pay taxes in return. The goal of modern corporations is to hold up neither part of their end of the bargain. They bribe politicos to cut taxes cut & routinely flout the law to avoid taxes. (Panama papers etc). Meanwhile, they also do everything they can to off-shore & automate jobs.

        A great example is Amazon’s HQ2: Electric Boogaloo distribution centre. A darling of the modern corporate world, this outfit is suffocating in money. Not only can they afford to shop at Whole Foods, they can buy the entire chain with their pocket change. Meanwhile, they’re holding a North American wide auction for the location of a motherfucking warehouse! Municipality after municipality is coming in on bended knee, offering gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and a FUCK of a lot of gold to Baby Jesus Bezos. Billions of dollars to an already obscenely rich & powerful company in exchange for jobs. But not a hell of a lot of them and apparently a shocking number of Amazon employees still find themselves on foodstamps. They’re also jobs that, (with driver-less trucks, forklifts and drones!) will be virtually automated out of existence within 10-15 years. The “winning” municipality will discover that the economic costs vastly outweighed the benefits.

        Such “job auctions” are becoming commonplace as “job creators” allow taxpayers to limbo for increasingly minimal benefits. At some point, it even makes more sense to use the money to create municipally-run factories to keep locals working. Or more simply, giving the bribe money to their citizens instead of multi-billionaires.

      2. Yeah, when corporations start to make state-owned factories a conceivable real-world option to a public who’ve spent generations treating socialism as an enemy (a couple people actually floated the concept of the city taking over the food factory at City Hall) …you KNOW capitalism has run off the rails. Unfortunately, governments have instead chosen to spend probably even more money creating cleverly named “bribe funds” to compete in a Bribery Olympics to get corporations to bestow jobs on them, not the other desperate cities. It’s a competition where everyone except the 1% (and the folks running the Bribery Funds) lose.

        I sometimes wonder if the wrong side won the Cold War. In so many ways, (mass surveillance, rigged elections) I find it hard to tell the difference in the outcome.

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