The Father Of Treachery

We begin a new year…2018 A.D.

Let’s talk about one of our founding fathers…Thomas Paine probably the most important person during the Revolution.  This man helped Americans envision an independent country and after the war started what was his writings that kept the whole Revolution intact with his pamphlet The American Crisis….the population once again embraced the notion of independence.

Sadly too many Americans only knows him because of Commonsense….there is so much more to the man like his pamphlet The Rights of Man which got Paine in lots of trouble.

After US won its fight with England Paine then took his confrontational style to France which was experiencing a revolution of their own.

During the Reign of Terror Paine was imprisoned awaiting a head chop…..he then appealed to his old friend George Washington to help him out of the situation he found himself……

On December 28, 1793, at the height of the Reign of Terror in France, Paris police rousted Thomas Paine in the cold hours before dawn, arrested him as a “foreign conspirator” and locked him in a wet, 10-by-8-foot cellar in Luxembourg Prison. The only light came from cracks in a boarded-up window. Paine was sure the guillotine awaited him.

Citizen Thomas Paine, whose pamphlet Common Sense helped ignite the American Revolution, was an enthusiastic early supporter of the French Revolution. He received a hero’s welcome when he arrived in Paris in 1792 and was even granted honorary French citizenship and a seat in the National Convention, the body charged with writing a constitution for the new republic. But Paine angered Maximilien Robespierre and other Jacobin extremists when he urged the Convention to spare the life of the deposed French king, Louis XVI. Instead, Jacobins brandished the king’s severed head in front of a cheering crowd. Then they proceeded to round up thousands of suspected counterrevolutionaries who, Paine observed, fell “as fast as the guillotine could cut their heads off.” Now they’d come for him, too.

The father of our country turned is back on a revolutionary icon……so typical of those that run the this country….then and now……once they get what they want (make no mistake Washington wanted everything that happened to him) then the country and its people mean little.

2 thoughts on “The Father Of Treachery

    1. I do not understand the allure of Paine with uber conservatives…tells me they have NO knowledge of who the man was or what he stood for….chuq

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