Who Are We?

This is my Closing Thought for the day…….

“These are times that try men’s souls”…..the opening statement from Thomas Paine’s “The American Crisis” (a title that rings true today as it did in Paine’s day)…….

I read a brilliant op-ed by fired asst AG Sally Yates……it asks an important question….one that needs thought and an answer…..who are we as a country?

Over the course of our nation’s history, we have faced inflection points — times when we had to decide who we are as a country and what we stand for. Now is such a time. Beyond policy disagreements and partisan gamesmanship, there is something much more fundamental hanging in the balance. Will we remain faithful to our country’s core values?

Our founding documents set forth the values that make us who we are, or at least who we aspire to be. I say aspire to be because we haven’t always lived up to our founding ideals — even at the time of our founding. When the Declaration of Independence proclaimed that all men are created equal, hundreds of thousands of African Americans were being enslaved by their fellow Americans.


The American people need to think abou6t this question and search their ‘soul’ for an answer.

May her op-ed save the republic as Paine’s pamphlet saved the revolution.


9 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. As an ‘outsider’, I see America as much like the Soviet Union. (Don’t laugh)
    Many varied states, not always compatible; ruled by a central government, despite their cultural and racial differences. No regard to religion and creed, just an amalgamation, happy or not , of many different peoples and beliefs.
    Think about it long enough, and you will see the undeniable similarities.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. From what I have observed lately America either no longer remembers what core values are (were) or they could care less because I have noticed that those “Values” are changing … becoming more secular … more degenerate …. more perverse …. Every facet of life, public and private is under attack by unwholesomeness of one kind or another and nobody seems to care …. it is all becoming a “New Normal.”

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