Nation is paying a heavy price for knee-jerk military spending

My readers do not need to employ a mystic to tell them that I am a devout opponent of the Military-Industrial Complex (M-IC)……wars will always be fought but I despise the idea of this action being a money making proposition……

I am also an opponent of knee-jerk reactions to world affairs and that is what we have had in our foreign policy for damn near 50 years…..and this election is built on knee-jerk reactions to situation and issues……

I write a lot of op-eds deriding war……and when I find someone that has a cogent opposition I like to pass it on to my readers….and I found a pretty good article recently……..actually it is an op-ed…..

The US is reacting to a situation…..there is little to no professionalism in any of the decisions……

Source: My Turn: Nation is paying a heavy price for knee-jerk military spending | Concord Monitor

Any opinions?

Are You An “Apologist”?

An op-ed I wrote for Ace News Room…../after years of writing my opinions I have been called many things….but the one that has irritated me the most is when some mindless drone calls me an “apologist”…..below op-ed  is my thoughts on the use of the term……

BTW, if you are a news junkie then I suggest that you visit Ace News Room….an excellent source of worldwide news… will not be disappointed……

Source: Are You An “Apologist”?

10th Anniversary

Did everyone have a great day yesterday?

The day after…I do hope that everyone had a pleasant and happy Christmas…..I apologize for my laziness during this last week or so….I have been up to my butt in prep work for teaching and of course the prep work for the big day….I do hope that all will understand the absence at times…..thank you.

A decade ago my life changed….a change that would have a lasting effect on my life as I go forward…….

Ten years ago today I fell from a ladder while working in a house damaged by Hurricane Katrina…..the fall broke my right leg in 5 places and my right hand (concrete is extremely hard)……after 2 operations and lots of rehab I had to retire….that was the hardest part of the accident…..learning to deal with a bum leg and retirement.

I did what many people do….I started feeling sorry for myself and playing with depression….you see I began to believe that my usefulness was at an end…..the more I thought about it the deeper I sank into depression and self-pity…..

After about a year I thought my days of writing political commentary were over…I was never a big computer user….that is until I discovered blogging.  That was perfect for my mental rehab and my source of commentary….

I thought that I was going to just sit and wait for the days to click by until my dirt nap….blogging gave me an outlet and a new outlook on retirement….and as they say….”the rest is history”……

It is Saturday and one of my days that I post on anything but the daily news… go out and enjoy the rest of your days off and Monday will begin again…..

Art Of Blogging: EGO!

This will be my 6th post on blogging……damn!  I did not know I was so opinionated on this subject.  But I am truthful in my ‘about’ section……I said from the start that I was an opinionated SOB…..and I prove it daily, huh?

Originally I started a blog as a way to store info… the time I did not have a printer and wanted to save stuff that I read that I could use at a later time….there was no intention of this to become a daily all consuming passion…..but as they say …*t happens.

My tagline is not just a tagline….it is my code…..”It is the duty of every man, as far as his ability extends, to expose delusion and error”  I try to do this daily for there is so much misinformation out there and I feel someone has to challenge the bullsh*t.

I have always enjoyed research….looking for clarification of things I was not sure of…..I have been writing for many years mostly to help people understand the complexities of this world…..nothing is as clear as we want to believe.

To be truthful all of us bloggers are a bit egotistical……most of us like to see our name up there in lights.

The problem is that some of us bloggers are always searching for the magic bullet that will make their blogs will be the most popular thing since sliced bread or in today’s world, Kale.  We switch platforms time and time again…….we searching themes and fonts and yada yada…….we just know that we could find that perfect look and feel for a blog and we will be bombarded by so many new visits that we will have to make it a 24 hour job…….and then when little positive happens disappointment sets in……some of us decide that if we cannot be popular then we must just stop and re-think what we are doing.

All in all it is ego……not the compulsion to give readers truth and balanced writings……we want to strut around showing off our accomplishments.  And we seldom speak of any failures…..and believe me there are more failures than victories.

We need to put ego aside for awhile……we want those people to visit then we must go out and work for those visits…..there is no magic magnet that will ‘force’ people to visit your blog…..pick a few blogs that peak your interests and visit often….even a comment or two and like their stuff…….most will do the same as a favor for your loyalty.

You could pay some service that will promise you thousands of new visitors everyday….but at what price and will they continue to visit?  Or you could buckle down and help a fellow blogger who in turn will do the same and in the mean time you will gain a new friend that will help promote your blog.

None of this is rocket science……it has worked for me….and no I am not the most popular blog out there….but I do have good people that are loyal and repeat ‘customers’ for my writings and thoughts……..

Yes……blogging can be an ego boost……but I feel that it should not be a driving force…..helping people understand complex situation and the spreading of truth should be the main concern……any one can spout hate and misinformation……I try to do better.

I am not the most popular blog but I do love what I do and I enjoy the people that visit my site daily….that is what it is all about….at least for me.

The Vulgar Showmanship Of Power

I am always reading and searching for something that I think my readers will appreciate….they may not agree with the piece but at least they can appreciate the piece for its content.

2015 has been an amazing year……there has been the mash up with ISIS and the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the forefront of GOP politics.

ISIS has been on a propaganda blitz with their vulgar and barbaric videos of their so-called “executions” which all civilized people find horrendous and despicable.

Then there is Trump…..he has made news by his bad mouthing immigrants, his attacks on other GOP candidates and his verbiage about China……and he has not finished there is so much more to come.

I know there is a link between the two different subjects?

Am I trying to equate ISIS and Trump for some obscure reason?

What could I be thinking, right?

While I was on-line researching a series that I am writing on Central Asia I came upon an opinion piece that caught my eye…..the common thread that weaves through both subjects is……showmanship.

ISIL and Donald Trump are united in their vulgar showmanship of power.

Source: Pornotopia: From ISIL to Donald Trump – Al Jazeera English

Please….I am not trying to equate one with the other in some phantom way…..just showing that showmanship goes a long way in this world in which we live….

I found this op-ed interesting and I wanted to post it and see what others thought of it….

Please….any thoughts?

Rangers Lead The Way

The US Army Rangers were the big story in the media last week………. for the first time in the group’s history women have graduated from the months long trial……no small accomplishment…..and yes I have something to say about the situation……

In my youth I was in the military and served in Vietnam….I was assigned to the 9th Infantry Division in the Mekong Delta……my unit was the LRRPs or Co.E 50th Infantry……we did the long haul recon for the division……in 1967, October to be exact my new boots hut the red clay of Vietnam running……we were a unit within the 9th Division and in 1969 all LRRPs were reassigned to the newly constituted 75th Rangers……while I was in Vietnam I was not a Ranger, I will always be a LRRP regardless,  but my unit was reflagged as Ranger……so I have an interest in the Rangers and their legacy…….

Now let’s talk about those industrious young ladies, shall we?

The first female soldiers to complete the Army’s rigorous Ranger School pinned on their black-and-gold Ranger tab at a graduation ceremony today to cap their history-making week. At a ceremony on the shore of “Victory Pond” at Fort Benning, First Lt. Shaye Haver of Copperas Cove, Texas, and Capt. Kristen Griest of Orange, Connecticut, graduated alongside 94 male soldiers. Their success casts new attention on the obstacles that remain to women who aspire to join all-male combat units, including the 75th Ranger Regiment. Although Haver and Griest are now Ranger-qualified, no women are eligible for the elite regiment, although that could change eventually.

Griest, 26, is a military police officer and has served one tour in Afghanistan. Haver, 25, is a pilot of Apache helicopters. Both are graduates of West Point. Of 19 women who began the Ranger course, Haver and Griest are the only two to finish so far; one is repeating a prior phase of training in hopes of graduating soon. Griest told reporters yesterday she hopes her success shows that women “can deal with the same stresses and training that men can.”

I do not want to take anything away from the accomplishment of these women… took fortitude, bravery and determination to complete this of….even if they were men…….nothing easy about the course.


My problem with this situation is that these women do not intend on using their training as a Ranger….it is basically to pad their resume….for promotions and assignments.  I realize that women are not allowed in combat situations…..this could change and it should for women are just as capable as men of handling stress and such under combat conditions.

My problem is with these women and anyone that goes through this rigorous course just to prove a point……this objection applies to men that do the same thing (Sen. Tom Cotton)… is not that they want to serve in an elite unit but rather how it looks in their personnel records…….

If these types want to test themselves then try base jumping or banjey jumping…….or if one graduates from the course then there should be a mandatory 18 month tour as a Ranger……..

The Ranger tab is an honor….not a PR tool.


“The Enemy Of My Enemy………..” | Ace News Room

This is a piece that I wrote for Ace News Room…….as usual I try to give the reader a bit of an overview for there is more happening in the Middle East than most Americans are aware of in the daily reporting that is so one sided…….

If you like this piece please think about adding Ace News Room to your blogroll….they are a good site that is becoming a one stop for news from around the world……Try ’em….You’ll like ’em!


“The Enemy Of My Enemy………..” | Ace News Room.