It’s All About National Security

The misadventures of Fearless Fosdick.

The much taunted national security speech by our Fearless leader was a typical Trump speech….started off as a campaign speech lots of back slapping by the person speaking.  Your typical Trump greatest hits….good economy, trashing opponents and protection from immigrants.  For about 10 minutes he rattled off the litany of campaign hits…..the usual BS of Trumpisms.

Donald Trump declared a new national security strategy on Monday, echoing the message of his 2016 campaign as he declared, “America is in the game and America is going to win.”
In a speech at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Trump faulted previous US leaders for failing to look out for the nation’s citizens, the AP reports. He promised to seek openings to cooperate with rivals but added that “we will stand up for ourselves and we will stand up for our country like we have never stood up before.” Trump’s strategy envisions nations in constant competition, brushes aside Obama-era warnings on climate change, and affirms that the United States will unilaterally defend its sovereignty, even if that means risking existing agreements with other countries that have been a crucial part of US foreign policy since the Cold War.

The strategy could sharply alter US international relationships if fully implemented. It focuses on four main themes: protecting the homeland, promoting American prosperity, demonstrating peace through strength, and advancing American influence in an ever-competitive world. Trump called anew for construction of a border wall with Mexico and pledged to end “chain migration” of immigrants’ relatives and close “loopholes that undermine enforcement” of immigration restrictions. He also said that China and Russia “challenge American power, influence, and interests, attempting to erode American security and prosperity.”

The speech reads better than Fearless Fosdicks delivery…….

White House released the new National Security Strategy

If this was an outline of our national security plan then I would say it is thin at best.

Trump portrayed the open-ended warfare as “competition,” suggesting that rogue nations were trying to pose a challenge to American prosperity through military engagement, and that America has to “earn” its prosperity through enhancing its power.

On the subject of “protecting the homeland,” Trump played heavily on the idea of building a border wall and increasing funding for border patrols. He also talked of defeating radical Islam on social media, though that too has been something administrations have been failing to do virtually from the establishment of social media.

Ultimately much of Trump’s economic strategy also appeared to be his military strategy, promising massive increases to the size of the military, creating “millions of jobs.” He also set out the idea of the military engaging further in “cyber,” as well as the further militarization of space, and protecting against unspecified electromagnetic attacks.

Despite so much emphasis being placed on “America first” within the document, the strategy itself appears extremely intervention-centric, resting on the assumption that American prosperity is inexorably linked to military superiority, and not just superiority by numbers, but the kind that the US has to prove constantly through warfare.


There are others that see more, or maybe I should say less, than I did in this speech/printed plan…..

Only newsworthy thing about the speech was the way her drank water from a glass…..

All in all a great campaign speech but as far as a national security plan……. it sucks!


4 thoughts on “It’s All About National Security

  1. I think it is worth remembering that at least in my lifetime, the only war America has ever ‘won’ was in Grenada. Not exactly a great C.V.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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