Closing Thought–31Jul17

What is your mouth tongue?

We all speak English as our mouth tongue….but what is the next “tongue” in the state where you live…the second language if you will?

You might be surprised at the answers……

It’s probably not surprising that, once you take English out of the equation, Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the United States. But what if you also remove Spanish from the options? 24/7 Wall St. ventures into each state to see which other foreign language ranks highest, with German taking the top spot overall when all states are taken into account. Here, 10 states and their most prevalent foreign tongue:

  1. Alabama: Vietnamese
  2. Arizona: Navajo
  3. California: Tagalog
  4. Connecticut: Polish
  5. Florida: French Creole
  6. Idaho: Arabic
  7. Massachusetts: Portuguese
  8. Montana: German
  9. New York: Chinese
  10. Wisconsin: Hmong

Check out which foreign language dominates in your state here.

Idaho is surprising…….as well as Florida…..I figured my state would be Vietnamese since so many settled here in the late 70’s….but Tagalog for California took me by surprise.

Did you find any surprises?

Day is done…..nap time has begun…..I shall see you guys later…..peace out…..chuq

9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–31Jul17

  1. Although I live in a rural English village, we do have Portuguese as a second language here. The community is quite large, originally based on a small group of agricultural workers who came over in the 1960s.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I was shocked to find the Arabic was the 2nd language for Idaho……I would like to find out how that occurred…..I am sure there are those that feel threatened by these 2nd languages…me? Don’t really care…LOL chuq

    1. Thanx for the kind words….unfortunately I am not on Face book….makes me a dinosaur but I just do not trust the site.,…sorry. chuq

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