A “Who-vian” Surprise

Saturday and I have something “cool” to pass on…..

I have been a Dr. Who fan since the mid 70’s…..it is a Brit SciFi series about a time traveling alien that takes on all sorts of “bad guys” and he never dies he just re-generates into another person.

This season the 12th doctor will pass on into another character…….a couple of seasons ago the Dr’s arch enemy, The Master, morphed into a woman now he is known as The Mistress or “Missy”……

Then I told my daughter that the show was setting up the audience to the possibility of the Dr. morphing into a woman also…..and then……

British actress Jodie Whittaker was announced Sunday as the next star of the long-running science fiction series Doctor Who—the first woman to take a role that has been played by a dozen men over six decades. Whittaker, best known for playing the mother of a murdered boy in detective drama Broadchurch, will replace Scottish actor Peter Capaldi at the end of the year, the BBC says. Whittaker is the 13th official incarnation of the Doctor, a galaxy-hopping Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels in the Tardis, a time machine shaped like an old-fashioned British police telephone booth. In a testament to the place Doctor Who holds in Britain’s cultural life, the revelation was made on live television after the Wimbledon men’s tennis final.

According to the AP, Doctor Who ran from 1963 to 1989, and was revived to acclaim in 2005. Its longevity is partly due to its flexible premise. The central character, known only as the Doctor, can travel across space and time and can regenerate into new bodies—allowing for endless recasting of the role. Speculation had been mounting that a woman would get the role, generating excitement from some fans and opposition from others who feel that the character has been established as male. Whittaker says that becoming the first female Doctor “feels completely overwhelming, as a feminist, as a woman, as an actor, as a human,” adding: “I want to tell the fans not to be scared by my gender. Because this is a really exciting time, and Doctor Who represents everything that’s exciting about change.”

Damn!  It feels good to be right once in awhile, huh?

I am heading out into the garden….please everyone try to enjoy your day and be well and be safe.


5 thoughts on “A “Who-vian” Surprise

  1. It’s all good; the word ‘doctor’ has no gender bias attached to it, so was a good choice for such a flexible character… Good call…

    Sorry for being so late & so brief; fought my back all day yesterday, & today will be babysitting my granddaughter… I may be by later, but, more likely tomorrow… Have a good Sunday, as this is late…

    See ya, bro; hope you’re relatively pain free today….


  2. Dr. Who’s flexibility was somewhat akin to the old Flash Gordon serials, shown in theaters in the 1930s, and then on TV every decade or so. The key point that I remember is that Flash, as well as his accomplices and adversaries, flew around in “spaceships” that were not much bigger than a large SUV. And, when necessary, they could literally jump–not “transport”–from ship to ship.

    NOW, will the blonde iteration of the Doctor continue the tradition of wearing the long scarf, or might she dress more provocatively, carrying a long umbrella for some hot babe effect.

    It will be interesting to see if the intent might be to attract even more male eyes, depending upon her outfits, or (secondarily) to encourage more girls into STEM subjects. Like StarTrek, I kind of recall Doctor doing away with bulky space suits, and such, to focus on scientific dilemmas.

    When our daughter was about two or three, she and I watched “Dokka Ooh”, and she would always get scared. So, I now look forward to us having her four year-old son join us!

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