Closing Thought–18Jul17

What Do Intelligent People Do?

My daughter is always giving my granddaughter a hard time about staying up late and the condition of her room (if she is anything like her mother then it is a total mess)……granddaughter in retaliation for all the grief her mother was giving her she found this article on-line….

Highly intelligent people often tend to shift their view on the world differently from the average IQ people. This shift includes their unconventional thinking, acting and approaches to situations. What scientists have managed to find

Source: Science Confirms: Intelligent People Go To Bed Late, Leave A Mess Everywhere, And Use Bad Language

Of course her mother had to ring me up and bend my ear…..after letting her rant…I said….”Are you mad because of what your daughter has done or are you mad that it is something you could have used on me?”


Apparently the conversation was over…..that was fun……

Everyone enjoy the rest of your day…..I shall return tomorrow with a whole bag of stuff.  chuq


6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–18Jul17

  1. Even though I have never had any children, I have four step-children, so can easily identify with this. The things you say as a child, they come back to haunt you, as an adult. The circle continues, never changing. Such is life…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I love it….my granddaughter learned from me to back up whatever it is she wants to debate….plus she is a smart ass just like her grandfather…LOL chuq

  2. I now have proof that I am intelligent. (of course I had to spell check intelligent but that is of no mind my insomnia and the condition of my home proves it all)

  3. Chuq, I have already commented, on your granddaughter’s Anti-Mom Blog, that Einstein used the check from his Nobel Prize, some $6,000 I believe, as a bookmark! And of course, you can just sit back and smile.

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