Democratic Party Fraud

North Korea is chest thumping…ISIS is being handed their butts in Iraq and Syria…the president is on another international trip……and Twitter is all a bloom with this or that….in other words there is lots in the news but some interesting stuff is not making it into the headlines or the evening news…..

I know that the 2016 election is over and Trump has won….but there is another story about that election other than reliving it or dissecting it ad nauseum…..

The DNC is facing a couple of lawsuits…….

The mainstream media—perhaps not surprisingly—is virtually ignoring three pending lawsuits against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Commission on Presidential Debates, all of which cast a glaring light on the bald corruption eating away at the current political process. But they should not be ignored. More than just footnotes to the tumultuous 2016 election, these are legal battles that could have broader implications on third-party and independent political movements in U.S. elections going forward.

Thanks to disclosures from WikiLeaks, it became obvious late last year that the Democratic National Committee privately colluded to block Bernie Sanders from winning the presidential nomination. These were damning exposures that eventually cost then-DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job. The worst of course, was the revelation that former DNC chair, Donna Brazile, secretly provided Hillary Clinton with the topics ahead of CNN’s televised debates.

Source: Democratic Party Fraud | The American Conservative

Plus the Democratic Party is hitting a dead end in their search for an agenda that will return them to power in the Congress.

By playing for centrist and neoconservative votes, national Democrats have left the party floundering with no coherent political message and creating a daunting challenge for democracy,

The most encouraging trend in the otherwise bleak landscape of Western politics is the success of the “new kind of politics” unveiled by Bernie Sanders in the U.S., Jeremy Corbyn in the U.K., and parallel movements, parties and candidates in other countries.

In their recent campaigns, Sanders and Corbyn laid out specific progressive policies to address the real-life problems facing their constituents and their countries and to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations to fully fund healthcare, education and other vital public services. This represents a dramatic U-turn from the vague, deceptive talking points of “center-left” Democratic, Labour and Socialist politicians of the past generation, under cover of which they quietly sold out their constituents to corporate, plutocratic and military-industrial interests.

Source: The Democratic Party’s Deadly Dead-End – Consortiumnews

The Party need lots of work……maybe the lawsuits will give it a jump start in finding a solution to their electoral problem….



9 thoughts on “Democratic Party Fraud

    1. For a politician yes….but here the average income is around $70,000 for the typical American…..but our politicians are mostly millionaires……chuq

      1. That US average is more than twice the average salaries here. (£34,000) You are not doing so bad, in that case. Maybe we are a third world country? 🙂

      2. That is t5he report but I know of no one in my group that makes that much….the average there is about $34,000 a year….the US is starting to look like one….chuq

  1. I am not sold that the Dems are any worse off that the GOP. Yeah, the GOP won but that was truly a “messy” win and Trump himself was not traditional GOP in his campaign promises; the guy has some “liberal leanings’ in some of his make-America-great-again yakking. If you recall, the likes of Ryan, McCain, Graham, et al.. were displaying their continued shock and appalled looks (to the press) each week of the campaign when Trump spouted off his usual nonsense.. and revelations of pussy grabbing. Then Trump wins… and, Ryan is the worst, they all decided to march behind Trump, crazy party platform and pussy grabbing aside, simply because the GOP’s have to look unified. Complete turnabout of their earlier shock & awe regarding Trump’s antics. To me they are all some level of moral hypocrisy that hold party loyalty more important than national pride. The GOP also won in those rust belt states because of disenfranchised ex-democrats… who will just as easily go back to their old ways if the right person comes along… and are less about some party platform.
    Add to all this.. the shenanigans regarding the healthcare repeal and/or replace not faring well in the GOP base. The GOP is going to have to work hard to keep seats in the midterms. No.. this is not all about the Dems having problems.. not in the least.

    If anything, you might suggest the system itself… traditional party platforms on both sides, are in flux. The next election is by no means any sort of a shoe-in for either party. In the middle of all this is are the investigations, the ramifications of their results, good or bad, to the administration… and any move toward some impeachment, or not.
    Right about now any return to power or retaining of power in the next two elections is going to be a lot less about some party platform and more about personalities and how events are interpreted. This is why I don’t give a lot of credence to intellectual explanations of political party dynamics.

    “By playing for centrist and neoconservative votes, national Democrats have left the party floundering with no coherent political message and creating a daunting challenge for democracy,”
    Okay.. so what?
    The GOP has Trump as their best bet… and the majority of the voters don’t think he’s even close to doing a good job.
    You don’t need party science.
    Now.. 2024? Maybe.

    1. Did you see the scary article that sez Trump could win again? That news made me physically ill. The Dems need a message and centrism is not going to help them at all…..they need to stop praying at the alter of Bill Clinton and move on. chuq

  2. Yeah… but that presumes a certain set of circumstances must occur, not that they can’t. The Dems need a personality far removed from any Clintons. Two messages alone the Dems need… 1. The guy currently in office is all wrong and a buffoon (cite everything here).. and.. 2. The new guy (girl) has some basic charisma and doesn’t select a loon as a running mate.
    Platform: Bring respect and dignity back the presidency and to the country.
    Honestly… I have no idea who that person should be.

    I’m still waiting for the phone call for my advice. 🙂

    1. You probably will have a long wait…LOL The Dems also need a message that the average voter can grasp easily….anything other than that and they are lost….chuq

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