Why Use Money?

First let me say that this post is my friend gigoid….we have had a couple conversations about the use of money….

Have you noticed that use of money is on the outs?

People use credit cards, their tablet or their phone for their transactions……there was even a movement that would do away with cash altogether…..I think it originated in the UK (nor positive)…..

The subject got me to thinking about the use of money……why and when did we start this tradition of using money?

And you guys know me…..I feel that I have to give you a historic perspective to help clear it all up…..

Sometimes you run across a grimy, tattered dollar bill that seems like it’s been around since the beginning of time. Assuredly it hasn’t, but the history of human beings using cash currency does go back a long time — 40,000 years.

Scientists have tracked exchange and trade through the archaeological record, starting in Upper Paleolithic when groups of hunters traded for the best flint weapons and other tools. First, people bartered, making direct deals between two parties of desirable objects.

Source: When — and why — did people first start using money? – Salon.com

So is cash a thing of the past?

Whatcha think?


20 thoughts on “Why Use Money?

  1. When you can swipe your card at a fast food window instead of handing the person at the window a wad of cash, you know there is virtually no reason to keep the dirty stuff on you!

    Even roadside fresh vegetable vendors can use their smart phones, when adapted with the card reader, to charge your account.

    Tips? No problem and you don’t leave cash on the table after you leave, an easy temptation for others passing by before the server can collect her or his gratuity: just tell the cashier to add x% to the bill when you hand her or him the card to pay for your meal.

    I suppose there is a need for some cash to be on hand for the moment, but it definitely feels like it is becoming less and less neeeded for daily transactions.

    Next: a society where plastic is obsolete and all transactions are do-able by biometrics and/or a chip under the skin! Woo hoo!

    1. I have always been a cash guy and I was better off than most after Katrina when there was no electricity and cards were worthless……Because of hurricanes I keep cash on hand for these emergencies…..have a good day….chuq

      1. I carry some at all times myself. I hate handling it (I am immuno-suppressed…) and am more and more avoiding it. You bring up the most obvious disadvantage of cashlessness, however, though that level of disaster tends not to happen where I live. I suppose the Yellowstone Caldera and Supervolcano could ruin my day were it to go ballistic, but I also believe I live enough more than plastic would be pointless!


      2. You are correct….even the UK is trying to go cashless totally…..but old habits die hard and the next hurricane is only in breeze away….chuq

  2. We are going one better here, plastic banknotes! Check out the new plastic £5 note here.
    The use of cards is so widespread here, I rarely carry cash. There are times when you can only use cash though. Car Park machines, most roadside stalls or market traders, and even some of the smaller cafes.
    I only carry cash when I have to pay for taxis, or know I am going somewhere I will need it. In shops, petrol stations, restaurants, and most other places, I just use a bank debit card.
    The downside of this is the huge increase in card fraud, which is reaching epidemic proportions over here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I believe I wrote a post when this came about…..I am a skeptic of an all plastic currency…..these days it is too easy to get hit….chuq

  3. I agree cash is quickly becoming a thing of the past.
    I also think ever since the casino slot machines started printing out paper years ago, instead of allowing their players the joy of watching all those coins drop from the slot machine, it was the beginning of the end for coins too! 🙂

    1. Hurricane will change anybody’s mind about the use of plastic over paper…..thanx for the visit and the comment…I appreciate your visit….please stop by whenever you like….have a good day….chuq

  4. My “HE” is a cash guy and probably uses cash for 90% of his transactions but even he has set up automatic payments from his checking account. I’m the opposite and use my card, PayPal, automatic payments and single purchase authorizations for cash withdrawals for 95% or more of my transactions. My history is easier to track (good or bad, I don’t know) however I don’t see cash has becoming obsolete. What do we do when the internet crashes?

    1. Exactly the point I was making…during Katrina I had cash and could buy food when it became available….others were not so lucky and that is why there is a stash here for the next big blow…..chuq

  5. From the nicely informative article in Salon, I think the most telling phrase indicating the actual ‘value’ of money is this: “it perpetuates social hierarchies;” Humans tend to gravitate toward systems that support the use of hierarchal thinking, for it fits right into all our little idiosyncratic wishes for a universe ordered in a fashion we can comprehend… In short, it is another way we try to establish the preferences of our own imagination, & project them onto the real world, thus making it match our own need to feel safe, in an ordered universe. The simple fact that Nature does not HAVE any hierarchies in reality doesn’t prevent us from trying to make it so….

    Silly humans….

    gigoid, the dubious


  6. Chuq, our local supermarket accepts bones–generally boiled ones–however, when I run short, I just take one from my ear. There is, however, a handling (de-waxing, really) fee. But, it’s an employee-owned company! Stock companies are also going bye-bye, in Florida, because our Governor is a kiss-up to Trumpet!

    1. There are no local owned food stores anymore around herw…they have all been killed by the W-Ds and Wally Worlds….so damn sad….chuq

      1. In Florida, most people shop at Publix, which is employee owned and operated. In fact, an article from the Miami Herald, about the Town (barrier island) of Palm Beach, some years back, commented that the only thing normal about Palm Beach is Publix. In fact, I do prefer the full burkas I sometimes see, as compared to the yelping mutts.

  7. The way I see it is, our physical money is just symbols representing certain values within a monetary system. Underlying it all are numbers, was always numbers and will be numbers. So whether a goat or cow or Denarius or an American Express, it’s still money. If you’re not part of the 1% ruling kleptocracy it’s something you have to “earn” or you won’t have it for your next transaction.

    1. We will always have “money” in one form or the other….I concern is when the power grid goes out…..some will have NO “purchasing” power….chuq

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